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CLOSER LOOK BOXWAVE > ACCESSORIES FOR ALL YOUR HANDHELD GADGETS WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Founded in 2002 and based in Seattle, BoxWave offers accessories for well over 4,000 electronic devices. Popular products include the Keyboard Buddy Case for the iPhone and iPad as well as a wide variety of capacitive styluses. Recently, its Keyboard Buddy Case was even featured on the talk show "Live with Kelly" as being named a New York Times Top Tech Gift. BoxWave products can be found on their website, through Amazon, and in retail stores across the country. Electronic gadgets are delicate products that need maximum protection, but also must have a touch of your personality. The Elite Leather Book Jacket is available for the iPad 1, 2, and 3rd generation. This elegant case comes in three colors, ardent red, nero black or sienna brown. Handcrafted from genuine leather, it has thick padding for protection and it's designed to provide quick access to all the controls. Plus, prop it up, and get four angles. Slick and light is the Nero Leather Smart Nuovo iPad case. This is the perfect solutions for those who don't want to sacrifice form for function. The iPad 3rd generation snuggles perfectly eliminating wiggle room. Not bulky or heavy, it keep your devices protected and in place. Another case that also offers sturdy protection is the True Bamboo iPad case. Made from real bamboo, this slim hard case has a modern and sophisticated look. Very unique, and eco-friendly, it keeps your iPad 2 or 3rd generation protected in soft velvet. Handheld devices have multiple uses and what a better companion to your smartphone or tablet than the Capacitive Stylus. No more fingerprints or smudges on your screen, and with the stylus you can tap with more accuracy, draw or play games. It easily clips to your device. It has a durable tip, and a very chic design. Your portable device is meant to be portable, and what a better use than when you are on a road trip, or picking up your kids from school. The Headrest Mount for the iPad 3 is not only a case but an all-in-one mounting solution that allows your passengers hands- free viewing of your device. It has a soft case, and adjustable straps to fit any car. Plus, it has a slick look, and provides for easy access to all the iPad buttons. Improving the usability of your device is BoxWave's mission. The Keyboard Buddy Case Backlit Edition perfectly fits the iPhone and allows access to all controls. Because of the Bluetooth capability, you can switch from the touch screen keyboard, to the physical keyboard in one touch. All keys are spaced individually and the backlighting allows you to type in dark areas. While the keyboard allows you to type quickly, the case also protects your phone from scratches and other accidents. Need the same keyboard functionality on the iPad? The Elite Leather Keyboard Buddy Folio Case for the new iPad is the perfect solution. The folio case has a form- fitting design and a full featured Bluetooth keyboard with half the dimension and weight. This leather case offers complete protection while still providing a mobile keyboard solution. Its three magnetic bars provide structure and support. The keyboard lasts up to 55 hours per charge, and it is easily turned off when it's not being used. Protecting while personalizing your smartphone is as important to you, which is why BoxWave has an endless collection of cases. Got an Apple, Samsung, or Nokia smartphone? Then the Tuxedo SuitUp case is the perfect fit. This case is ultra-slim and has an anti-slip design. It fits on your phone like a glove, and it has a strong resistance to oil or grease. Another case that is costumed tailored to your handheld device is the AluArmor Jacket, a lightweight and strong aluminum metal case that is designed to protect your device from everyday use. This jacket is offered for a variety of products, ranging from the Samsung Galaxy SII, to GPS's and gaming cases. Visit for more information. 86 MacDirectory

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