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CLOSER LOOK EXOVAULT > SOPHISTICATED CASES FOR THE IPHONE WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Add protection with style. EXOvault was started by Amelia Biewald and Jonathan Schipper in July 2009 and today it offers 16 unique styles that are perfectly tailored to the iPhone 4 & 4S and the iPhone 5. "We started using our new aluminum and wooden cases and received a huge response every time we took out our iPhone. People went crazy, asking "where can I get one of those?" So we decided to make a website, and our first case, the EXO1 was born," said Biewald. These handcrafted cases are made from two solid metal pieces of aluminum, titanium, brass or silver. They also come in a wood body with a metal outline. Or you can get a gold-plated brass case made from 24-carat gold. In addition, you can carve your own unique design these cases. Distinctive and beautiful, the EXOvault case sets itself apart from the average plastic world. All products are hand-finished. "As an artist-run company; we provide the kind of low-volume, high-quality product that can appeal to a small and specific part of the population – like you," said Biewald. "We were irritated by so many high- volume, mass-produced products that must lose their individuality and integrity in order to appeal to an increasingly wide and thus inherently bland demographic." EXOvault currently does everything in- house, from the original design, to proto- typing and the final product. Their mission goal is to focus on remaining small and individual. Made with very high standards, they are guaranteed to be the highest quality in the market. "We stand behind our cases, and want you to enjoy them as much as we do; if you ever have a problem, just contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out. A lot of people have iPhones- only a few have the protection of an EXOvault case," said Biewald. EXOvault uses C280 alpha- beta brass with about 60 percent copper and 40 percent zinc, which is highly recyclable. Another popular case is the EXO15 silver aluminum composite which is a new premier design with no reception issues. EXOvault uses 6061-T6, which combines good 'machinability' with high strength and the ability to anodize. All the cases are anodized, which makes them very hard and durable. Plus it gives it a resistant coating of Aluminum oxide on the surface of the metal. The EXOvault aluminum iPhone cases are lightweight and durable, plus its tech modern look goes great with the iPhone's appearance. This case will fit your phone perfectly, and it leaves no wiggle room. Plus, find there are several colors to complement your own look. One of the most popular cases is the brass case. It is very light and the brass is kept in the raw form, which adds to its elegant and rustic charm. This beautiful material looks great even after time. The EXO15 brass composite case is a premier EXOvault design. This case is the handsome robust protection your iPhone 4S has been looking for. It covers your phone in an elegant and strong Phenolic resin composite, capped on its ends with impact resistant brass. Fitting your iPhone inside this protective case is easy and quick. Simply unscrew the stainless steel screws from each corner with the screw driver provided, and place the iPhone inside. "We are proud to be the first and one of the few case manufactures who use brass. Brass is a very durable material it patinas naturally the corners will usually acquire a polish due to use," said Biewald. The EXO15 brass hardwood is also a very popular case among iPhone users. The case covers your iPhone in elegant and strong pau ferro wood which is capped on the ends with impact resistant brass. Pau Ferro is a tropical hardwood with similar qualities to Rosewood and is often used as more sustainable substitute. It is extremely strong hard and is not brittle. Last but not least, the EXO10 is made from Ti6Al4V Titanium, which is the ultimate metal. This case has the highest strength to weight ratios of any metal and also has extreme corrosion resistance. Visit for more information. MacDirectory 83

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