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CLOSER LOOK DRESSED FOR SUCCESS WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN SKECH > KEEPING YOUR APPLE PRODUCTS No sooner did the iPod, iPad and iPhone come out then there were accessories. It seemed everyone wanted to be the first to put their mark on dressing up these amazing products, and they gave their customers a choice of everything from the utilitarian to the just plain crazy. While some of these companies seemed to disappear almost minutes after they showed up, others have been able to raise the bar on accessorizing almost to an art form, constantly updating to not just fit the newest trends, but to BE the newest trends. One of the latter companies is Skech (, a company whose website describes the company as "a group of gadget lovers that are proud to provide quality accessories for iPhones, Smartphones & Tablets. We love what we do and that comes out in our products & service." And lest you think this is just clever PR, let's take a look at Skech's history. Started in 2003, Skech describes its business model as one that has always had it "face to face with our customers." What this gave the company was the ability to instantly see what people liked (and therefore would buy) and what people didn't (and therefore would bypass). But along with an ability to gauge what was hot and what was not, this face-to-face access also gave Skech the ability to get to know its customers, and their needs, very well. Through its intimate knowledge of their customers, Skech was then able to give distributors and retail outlets merchandise that was guaranteed to sell well – thus sealing the company's relationship with them, and bringing the idea of knowing who your core audience is full circle. This face-to-face relationship is so important to Skech that it is something it still maintains, even though the firm has grown quite in bit in the nine years it started out. As for its products, they are top notch, showing that Skech's team is not just capable of listening to customers but translating that information into new and innovative products that are staying on the cutting edge of technology accessory trends. Take for instant the newest additions, the KAMEO and the Glow. The KAMEO's slogan is "Protection has a new face" and the product more than lives up to it. The KAMEO has three materials that form the body, frame and interchangeable back panel of the case. While all three of these pieces work together to protect the phone, they are also designed individually and specifically to match the phone's protection requirements. The material in the interchangeable back panel is foam- like, making it extremely shock absorbent. The frame, meanwhile, is made of a hard material that protects around the device, and includes a second shock absorbent layer inside the frame. The interchangeable back panel comes in a variety of designs – enabling users to completely change the look of their phone just by popping it out and replacing it with a different one. Currently, Skech is offering limited edition packaging that includes an extra back panel, so new users can experience this cool little feature without having to buy a second piece. Then there is the Glow for iPhone 4S. This designer case is very much made for those who want to stand out and be noticed. Brightly colored and completely edgy, the Glow is also made with a combination of materials that offer a high level of protection. In addition, the Glow is extremely thin and lightweight, so adding it to your phone doesn't add bulk. As with all of Skech's products, it has been designed with the high end user in mind, meaning that it won't block or restrict your access to the screen or ports. So if you're looking for products that protect your Apple products while at the same time letting you stand out as a cutting edge accessory user, give Skech a look – you won't be sorry. 82 MacDirectory

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