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CLOSER LOOK USPLUSU > MAKING A CASE FOR CHARITY WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN UsPlusU has a very unique success story. Its CEO and founder, Brian May, had a long and successful career in branding. May was (and is) also a dedicated Apple user, saying "if it wasn't for the products Apple has produced my career would be very different." As an Apple user since back in the 1980s May and his team were eagerly anticipating the iPad. But what they were also thinking about was a case for it. Of course, being that Apple "has a reputation for being simple, intuitive, and doing whatever needs to be done well," May knew that not just any case would do. Because his application developers were complaining of their hands cramping as they worked, May and his team set out to develop a case that would be strong, lightweight, and, most importantly, utilitarian. Initially, the whole project was considered an internal development deal, something that, said May, "We'd do for ourselves and if we sold a thousand we could recover development cost and that would be that." So they put together a product, filed a patent in May 2010 and went into production in June 2010. By September 2010, they were completely sold out "without even trying." It was then that several things changed. First, they increased production on the case, called the SwivelPro. Second, they decided to become a company that gives something back. To this day, 3 percent of UsPlusU's net profits of their cases go to charity. Best of all; you, the customer, get to pick from a list of charities listed on UsPlusU's website – letting them know where you want the money donated. So, with this strategy in mind, UsPlusU set out on the second round of production. This time around, they produced a 90-day supply of the cases and did some marketing. Sixty days later, that set of cases was sold out and retailers were clamoring for more. By Thanksgiving, they had sold out on the next round of production, retailers had back orders lined up and were begging the company to give them whatever they could by Christmas. Fast forward to today. The Swivel ProFolio is now in its sixth iteration and still going strong. Boasting a patented self-adjusting, 360-degree rotating handle (the only non- plastic, portfolio style iPad case with a rotating handle in the world) the Swivel ProFolio also has an adjustable stand — making everything from typing emails to watching movies simple and comfortable. As for the case itself, it is made of animal friendly leather, and is strong, snug, and lightweight. One of its biggest selling points, in fact, is its adjustable handle, which fits "90-95% of hand sizes." Said May; "The case has seven layers of different textile materials to help it conform to the iPad's shape, plus nylon on the outside, and two straps to hold it closed." May noted that the straps are a great asset for protecting the iPad. "Most cases use magnets to stay closed, and anyone who has ever dropped one of these knows that magnets will release. Our straps ensure that your case stays shut if it's dropped." And then there's how the case works while your iPad is in use. There is the rotating handle, a flush mounted kickstand for typing angle, adjustable kickstand for upright video viewing, an outer pocket and even a loop for a stylus. It is this unique design that makes the Swivel ProFolio perfect for everyone from bankers to gamers, while the high quality material used to create the case makes it a perfect accessory for professionals. In fact, said May, the case is easily embroiderable so that companies can add their logo. Currently, UsPlusU is offering free ground shipping for a limited time. They have cases available for iPad 1-3 and Amazon Kindle Fire. So if you're looking for a perfect case for your iPad or Kindle, and want to give something back at the same time, check out UsPlusU. Visit for more information. 78 MacDirectory

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