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CLOSER LOOK IOGEAR > INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY INTO EVERYDAY LIFE WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES IOGEAR's products have been offering solutions to the everyday problems that customers encounter. The company's innovative consumer electronics and IT solutions enable convergence through connectivity at home or on the go. Start decreasing clutter and reduce electronic waste. Since 1999, this company has taken an environmentally conscious approach through its GREEN initiatives. Additionally, IOGEAR has partnered with Trees for the Future, to plant one tree for every product purchased on its website. One essential device that all users need is an external rechargeable battery. Handheld devices such as cell phones and tablets are constantly in use, and more often than not they are used on-the-go. Having said this, finding an outlet is not always an option, and that is where the Mobile Power Station, a high capacity portable battery, comes is. This battery will give your device the extra juice it needs to function. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices now have a longer lifespan. This is the latest addition to the GearPower family, it is slim, lightweight, not occupying much space when travelling. It has a modern design, and a chic gray tone to match any device. Start charging two devices at once! Charge your cell phone, and your tablet at the same time! Plus, the Mobile Power Station has an LED light indicator that allows you to see how full the battery pack is. For added convenience, charge the GearPower Mobile Power Station through a traditional power outlet or with your computer with the USB charger provided. "Free yourself, don't let a power outlet tether you down from life," the IOGEAR Team says on its website. There are many benefits to having a handheld device. Many times its convenient size allows us to keep it in the back of our pockets. Nevertheless, HDMI display. Now you can bring high definition to your flat panel directly from your computer with this HDMI video card. You can extend to a second monitor, and while being more productive you can improve your multimedia experience. A second product that allows for connectivity between your computer or laptop and your television and other media sources such a keyboards or a mouse, is the 2-PortHD Cable KVM Switch with audio and microphone support. With this device you can have independent KVM switching between your computer and audio. This little device works great with game consoles, simply plug & play, no software installation required. sometimes we need a larger screen to view movies or do presentations. With IOGEAR's help now you can connect your devices to the big screen, simply add an HDMI video card to your PC and get HD quality on your flat panel from your computer's USB port. The USB 2.0 to HDMI Adapter is the solution you have been looking for. This adapter instantly enables you to connect a high resolution Iogear is always coming up with better ways for you to stay connected to all your favorite devices. The Wireless HD Digital Kit takes wireless home entertainment to the next level. With this device get ready to become truly wireless. Able to stream 3D movie content along with digital sound through walls, and ceilings, this setup is quick, simple and flexible. Now you can consolidate your HDMI switch to connect devices such as Blue-ray players, or cable boxes. Start building your own wireless entertainment space; the set-up is easy. This device supports 2HDTVs. Set up your living room HDTV through the HDMI ports, and add a second one wirelessly. Simply connect your media source (cable box, laptop, Blue ray player) to the wireless transmitter, and then connect the wireless receiver to a second HDTV. Start watching your favorite shows and 3D movies without necessarily being next to your Blue-ray player or cable box. Now you can have a second HDTV anywhere there is a power outlet. Wireless HD Digital Kit does not require a line-of-sight placement. Keep your home theater out of sight with this wireless audio video solution. Visit for more information. MacDirectory 65

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