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Same is Gone - The Decision of Streamed vs. Theater is Fading for Consumers By Andy Marken Netflix's Reid Hastings had the streaming stage to himself since about 2000 but it got so crowded that this year, the board "encouraged" Ted Sandaros to join him as co-CEO and the two are confident the stage can hold all the new folks that joined them. First, it was just the new members of the FaanGd mob ((Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google/Youtube, Netflix, Disney) and China's Bat squad (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent); but it didn't take much for everyone in the M&E industry to figure out that this streaming thing was here to stay. Even the grossly undernourished AMC theater chain figured out that instead of kicking dirt at Universal for taking Trolls World Tour direct to the consumer first before letting theaters have it, they would join the streaming crowd and offer up a PVOd package and ultimately give folks a choice – put your seat in our seats or enjoy the stuff at home. Coming off a quarterly loss of $170M and barely a glimmer of light for theater openings, Cinemark is… "In discussions." Since seemingly the beginning of time, studios had essentially released their films first in theaters for several months before making them available to "second class" video outlets. In fact, a pre-qualification to be considered for an academy award is that film is released to a commercial theater in Los Angeles County for at least seven days and be shown three times a day.

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