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28 MacDirectory DEPARTMENT Q > I'm confused about the installation of memory in my second generation 8 core Mac Pro ('08 model). I installed 16 GB but only half of it shows up. - Matt A., Utah A > The physical arrangement of memory is key and it varies by model. Check out OWC's RAM installation videos at . The '08 model requires identical pairs of DIMMs that are to be installed on one riser card until it is filled, with additional DIMMs going on the second card. For those who have a newer "Nehalem" model, these machines require identical trios of RAM rather than pairs, so you put the first set of three DIMMS on one card and the second set on the second card. If you fill in all four slots on a card you get more RAM, but it will cause a noticeable speed hit. One more thing about memory: Don't buy bargain RAM. Look for RAM that is manufactured to Apple's top line specs (including heat sinks in some cases) and that has been individually tested and verified by a reliable vendor such as Crucial or OWC . A lifetime guarantee on cheap, unverified RAM is only good for trading old garbage for new garbage. Q > What do you recommend for a good starter application for creating music? - Marco, South Carolina A > GarageBand is an excellent starter app, as it provides loops and virtual instruments, it supports mics and real instruments and it supports such outboard items as virtual synths and processors as well as synching with Reason and other packages. If you want to go beyond this, I suggest Ableton Live, as it provides a lot of power along with plenty of handholding that will get you up to speed very quickly. As for Logic express, it provides a transition point for moving up to Logic Studio, but many musicians find the Logic series to be totally exasperating. If you are into serious research, check out the software listings at Musician's Friend , then go to the vendor's Web sites, finishing up with a Google search for product reviews. A good, intuitive audio workstation app does wonders for the creative process while a highly complex app can halt the creative process like hitting a brick wall. Start with online research, then talk with fellow musicians and consult with the keyboard pro at your local music store. Q > Someone offered to give me an old black-and-white laser printer in good working order, but I've got a four-color inkjet that I am quite happy with. Is it worth the hassle to have both? - Brent, Ohio A > If you print a lot of text-based documents, the laser will beat the pants off any inkjet, as its consumables are only a fraction of the cost of an inkjet. And, with a drill, a funnel and a piece of tape, you can do your own refills. The fuser might need replacing after several thousand pages, at which time you can either do an online search for a replacement part or you can toss the printer into the recycle bin. And count your savings in inkjet carts. One other thing: There are all sorts of metallic and holographic foils that you can use to add dazzle to laser-printed documents. If you ever have to do any product comping, this capability is worth its weight in gold. Q > I have a 17" Studio Display that I used to use with my G4 but the connector doesn't fit my new Mac. Where do I find an adapter? - Stefane, California A > The Studio Display series (which had "crystal clear" enclosures) have an ADC connector. This was a big favorite of mine, as it provided power, video and USB all in a single cable. The only solution available is the $100 ADC to DVI adapter from Apple. My suggestion is to sell the monitor and buy a new model, as the adapters have a reputation for failing over time. Do it quickly, as the resale value is falling rapidly. Q > What does Beebe do with her Mac at midnight? - Jeff, Texas A > I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you. BEEBE > MACDIRECTORY'S TECH GODDESS GARAGEBAND

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