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MacDirectory 127 COMPANY PROFILE MACESSITY > A NECESSITY FOR EVERYDAY MAC USERS WORDS BY LARISA REDINS Macessity was founded in 2006 in Southern California. The company's primary focus is to blend in with Mac's elegant designs, and provide unique convenience to Mac users. Macessity's first products were the Hang With Mi mounting bracket and Stand By Mi stand. "Both of these products were designed and made specifically for Mac Mini," said Andy Tran of Macessity. "They were every well received by the Mac community since they provided a feature that was long wanted by Mac Mini users: a front accessed, powered, 4-port USB2.0 hub." In fact, the product was so well received that a Mac Mini community Web site, <>, rated both of these products as a "Top Pick" in their reviews. Not surprisingly, these two products provided a solid footstep for Macessity into the Mac world. The company's success continued in 2008 with a breakthrough product called a LowKey stand. Allowing a LCD monitor or iMac up to 35 pounds to be stacked on top, the LowKey stand provides room for users to tuck their slim Apple keyboard underneath it and thus, save valuable desk space in turn. Further, the built-in front- accessed USB2.0 hub from the stand prevents users from reaching the back of their iMac or display for USB connection. "LowKey was highly praised by iMac users for its unique design and features," Tran said. "It still is the only stand for iMac and its slim keyboard." Shortly after the LowKey stand was introduced, Macessity introduced the SlimKey (no USB2.0 hub), and SlimKey V2 (with side accessed USB2.0 hub). SlimKey V2 was especially successful, and today, this innovative product quickly became the company's best-selling stand since its introduction. Beside stands for slim keyboards though, Macessity also created many unique products for Apple laptops. One such product is the LapTuk -- a monitor stand that allows users to tuck their closed laptop underneath the computer itself as they use an external monitor. The company also introduced an acrylic version of this product -- called Laptuk Clear. Both products are great solutions for users who prefer to use an external monitor over the smaller laptop screen. Since Apple sells more laptops than any other products, Macessity is currently working on a couple of exciting new laptop-related products. In October, Macessity was set to introduce a laptop stand called TrayStation. TrayStation raises an open laptop to a more ergonomically correct height -- with a removable tray that can be used as cooler away from the base. The second product is called a NX stand. This stand supports a closed laptop (use with external monitor) standing vertically, along with a powered USB2.0 hub. "The NX stand should save desk space, and rebooting a laptop should be very easy and convenient with this stand," Tran said. With respect to future goals for the company, Macessity plans to continue innovating. "Our goals for future products continue to be to develop elegant, convenient, and practical products for everyday Mac users," Tran said. Visit for complete information.

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