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122 MacDirectory COMPANY PROFILE G-TECHNOLOGY > PROVIDING PROTECTION AND PERFECTION FOR YOUR APPLE COMPUTER WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN Since its inception, G-Technology has been focused on creating high-performance storage solutions for content creation. In the early days of digital video production there was a big problem with external hard drives that were being used for editing – they were burning up! G-Tech's first product, the G-RAID, was designed specifically to withstand the heavy load this type of computing placed on the hard drive. According to marketing director Pete Schlatter, "we used only the best components including an all- aluminum chassis, high-end electronics and Hitachi hard drives. But the most important piece was adding a quiet, efficient cooling fan. It also didn't hurt that the product looked really cool." The G-RAID, which has been upgraded many times since its inception, is still a strong seller for the company – and the "quiet, efficient" fan is still a huge selling point. In fact, G-Tech believes that keeping hard drives cool is so important that to this day every product, from the smallest to the largest, includes some kind of cooling technology. And the best part is every G-Tech product is carefully designed to operate quietly — something that is key in professional editing environments. This is not surprising though, because the one thing that came through in my conversation with Schlatter was that G- Technology takes pride in all of their products, every one of which are designed for use with Apple computers and equipment. G-Technology feels their relationship with Apple is so important, in fact, that they design their products specifically to "look great sitting on top of an Apple computer." Besides the G-RAID, G-Technology offers everything from portable, single-disk drives to multi-disk arrays that hold from four to 16 disks. They also offer products with RAID protection, an important feature in this day and age as more and more people store more and more critical and personal information on their hard drives. It is this feature in particular that Schlatter feels most strongly about, telling MacDirectory, "I'd like to put an exclamation point on the whole issue of RAID protected storage. I don't think most people understand the difference between a backup and a copy. A lot of people will buy an external drive, put their files on it, and then delete them from their computer and think everything's okay. What they don't understand is that any hard drive is at risk of failing, which means any data on that drive can be lost. A redundant storage solution, like our G-SAFE or G-SPEED eS can protect your data from loss due to a hard disk failure – and this is so important these days when people have so much of their lives saved on hard disks." Another thing that Schlatter is passionate about is that the company, which was just acquired by Hitachi, recently announced a new 2TB drive. "We recently announced a 2-terabyte, 7200RPM hard drive…that's an insane amount of high-performance storage on a single disk!" As for the future, it couldn't be brighter for this company who has recently begun to enjoy the perks of Hitachi's global network, as well as the ability to get the most up-to-date Hitachi hard drives first. But G-Technology is also still heavily focused on what they do best, building quality products made to last; as was demonstrated when one of their hard drives was, literally, hit by a truck. Laughed Schlatter, "Our drives are solid aluminum, not plastic. True story…we have an enclosure here that was run over by a FedEx truck. It was crushed, but when our customer plugged it in it still worked." So whether you are looking for general storage, high-performance RAID protected solutions, or just a hard drive that can survive a FedEx truck, G-Technology is the first and best one-stop solution for all of your needs.

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