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118 MacDirectory COMPANY PROFILE WHAT BECOMES A MACBOOK MOST? > AN ACCESSORY BY JUST MOBILE In the past 50 years we've seen computers evolve from large clunky behemoths that took up an entire room and performed only the most basic (think calculator) functions, to easily portable information and social networking centers. As computer size and functions have evolved over time, so too have computer looks, with the most recent offerings coming in a variety of fun shapes, sizes and colors. This change has allowed even the nerdiest among us to add some flair and personalization to our faithful laptop. Just Mobile and has taken this computer fashion trend even further by adding some funky but functional accessories to the mix. Best of all, their products not only look hot, but offer a high quality of service. According to Erich Huang of Just Mobile, the company "loves to design and is highly committed to our customers to introduce cutting-edge designs into unique, stylish and effective accessories. We continually challenge the boundaries with innovative solutions." A great example of this is the Xtand Pro. Designed especially for the MacBook, the Xtand Pro provides comfort by allowing users to lift their laptop to eye level. Fully adjustable, the Xtand Pro also includes sturdy no slip rubber pads that keep your computer in place. The additional height offered by the Xtand Pro, meanwhile, is not only ergonomically correct, but allows for air circulation, cooling your computer and enabling it to run more quietly — always a plus when using your computer in a public place. The Xtand Pro is made with a solid aluminum finish that matches that of the metal MacBook. The XL version, meanwhile, supports laptops up to a 17- inch screen. Users with greater cooling needs, meanwhile, can purchase the optional Just Mobile Cooling Bar, which received the prestigious iF Design Award. The Cooling Bar is not only an award winner, but a newer product offered by Just Mobile. But the Cooling Bar isn't the only new product featured by Just Mobile. This past September, Just Mobile announced several new additions to its stable, including the Xtand Go, which can be mounted on the dashboard or even the windshield of your car, the Mtable, which gives your Xtand a little extra lift, the Lounge, the Gum Plus and Gum Powerpack, and the Alupad. As for those users who do most of their computing on their iPhone, fear not, as Xtands, the Lounge and many other Just Mobile products are also available for iPhone, iPod, and iTouch. Speaking of the Xtand for iPhone, it is also fully adjustable, with a high-gloss aluminum finish that matches the Xtand Pro. The Xtand for iPhone has the capability of moving 360 degrees, allowing users to choose whether or not they want their phones held vertically or horizontally. In addition, it includes an adjustable viewing angle and cable management. Best of all it is sturdy as well as attractive, with a non-slip grip and a solid aluminum construction guaranteed to keep your phone safe in even the busiest public environment. Users cannot get enough of these products, with Xtand Pro and Xtand for iPhone, iPod and iTouch winning kudos from around the world, including the iCreate and PDAessentials Editor's Choice Awards, and a Good Design product award. In addition, the Xtand for iPhone has received four stars from iLounge and iProng magazine. Xtand can be purchased worldwide, and is available in the United States at the Apple Store and well as from other registered Apple dealers. Though it is a little bit pricier than similar products on the market, the stylish look, sturdy construction, and easy portability definitely make it worth the slight extra cost. So whether you're looking for a computer fashion statement or just an easier way to use your MacBook or iPhone while out and about, Xtand is the way to go. WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN

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