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116 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK A FOCUS ON FOTOLIA > TAKE YOUR MICROSTOCK EXPERIENCE FURTHER A lot has changed in the microstock industry since it took flight nearly 10 years ago. Talented artists and photographers have the potential to earn sizeable commissions, in addition to industry recognition. Buyers, on the other hand, have the option of shopping around a competitive market. Fotolia is a microstock company that balances both interests. Content: More than 7,000,000 images Fotolia's library includes high-resolution photographs, vectors, illustrations, and HD videos from around the world. Fotolia attracts high-quality content by paying contributors some of the highest commissions in the business (between 30 and 60 percent). Contributing artists maximize their earning potential by deciding if they want to be exclusive, partially exclusive, or non-exclusive. Images for a $1, really means images start at $1 Buyers love Fotolia for the value it offers – images are affordable and of high quality. Each image on the site has a credit value depending on the size, resolution, etc. Unlike other sites, where you have to purchase in excess of 300 credits to get images for $1, Fotolia's credits always start at $1. Customize the way you buy Need a little or a lot? Either way, clients come first with Fotolia's flexible credit and subscription purchase plans. Recently, the company introduced a new subscription plan that made high-resolution images, vectors, and videos even more accessible. The Premium Subscription Plan gives members all-inclusive access to Fotolia's main collection for as low as $249/month. Account holders can tailor the plan to their needs by customizing the number of users, downloads, and contract length. Images for life with royalty-free downloads To top things off, Fotolia empowers consumers with purchase confidence by redefining what royalty-free means to the consumer. Fotolia images come with a standard license and most have the option of upgrading to an extended license. Plus, only Fotolia offers no run limits. This means, you can use an image where you need, for as long as you need, with as many copies as you need. Earn Free Credits with Fotolia's Affiliation Program What sets Fotolia apart from other microstock sites offering affiliation incentives is that this is a lifetime offer. For more information, check out Any Fotolia member who refers the company gets: • An Affiliation commission = 15 % of net* • A 20 credit bonus when the referral subscribes to Fotolia • Powerful affiliation tools • Real time reporting • The ability to add an unlimited number of affiliates • *Affiliate commission is calculated as (sales price – photographer commission) x 15% Easily refer Fotolia by: • Logging into your free account on • Clicking on the affiliation link • Choosing a button, link, banner, or URL, that fits your needs and passing that information along Go further with Fotolia's API opportunities Partner API affiliation options, Business API product and service integration services, or Developer API opportunities enable you to improve the Fotolia experience by building software, plug-ins, and widgets applications. Corporate accounts that work for you When you need a lot of fingers in the cookie jar, try Fotolia's Subaccount System. This useful tool allows you to set- up a main account for your credit purchases and then transfers those credits to your designers' accounts (or sub accounts) as needed. As the administrator of the account you will have access to a control panel which will allow you to follow all transactions made by your designers and to control all images purchased. Find it on Fotolia Making high-resolution stock photography, vectors, illustrations, and HD videos affordable and accessible has been the backbone of Fotolia since it started in 2005. Co-founded in New York City by CEO Oleg Tscheltzoff, Fotolia has spread to 12 countries and now offers service in 10 languages. Remaining true to its vision and listening to the consumer is why more than 1.3 million professionals look to Fotolia for their image solutions. Leave a lasting impression with Fotolia's high-resolution stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and HD videos. First step: Sign up for a free Fotolia membership. Editorial assistant Krystle Nazzaro contributed to this article.

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