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REVIEW 108 MacDirectory INTEGO CONTENT BARRIER X5 > GREAT CONTENT PROTECTION FOR MACS Businesses require Internet security and content control for employee computers. And many parents recognize this scenario. As they walk by their child working on the computer, the computer screen suddenly flickers. Finishing homework, my eye. The kid's either gaming, reading manga or chatting online. Intego's Content Barrier X5 has enough bells and whistles to help businesses, parents, private and home school programs maintain Internet access control. Limiting specific Web site access, adding keywords to block subject matter, or changing scheduled access can be completed quickly and easily. Native to Macs Intego security software only works on Apple computers, so Content Barrier X5 seamlessly interfaces with Mac OS X systems. Each created Content Barrier X5 account can be customized for an individual user's access requirements, age and maturity. Pictures can be uploaded to help recognize and configure individual accounts. Different levels of protection can be quickly enabled, or disabled by authorized administrators. And the software offers remote Web administration from any computer. Businesses prefer employees Internet activities to be transparent, which is possible as Content Barrier X5 offers full recording of sites visited, sites blocked, chats, e-mail, applications, screenshots and keystrokes. Want to see what type of security is being applied, when, where and how it's organized? The overview screen allows easy access to adjust, add or delete selected protection settings. Content Barrier provides pre-determined filters for safe and easy content filtering, can block selected applications and Web sites, and only authorized administrators can change these program settings. Protocols, such as FTP/SFTP, SSH, SSL, and online games can also be filtered. Neat Features The Web filtering identifies key categories that can be blocked, like violence, alcohol, streaming movies or video. Authorized administrators, parents and teachers can add trusted Web sites, or block content by key words (for example, manga or anime). If individuals need to be working on the computer without Internet access, the Schedule function blocks the Internet at specific periods. It's great! At 9 p.m. in our household the Internet shuts off. Suspicious phrases in chat rooms can be blocked with AntiPredator, plus additional phrases may be added. Games, video streaming, peer-to-peer applications, and many other features can also be controlled. And at the end of the day, detailed logs of each user's Internet usage is recorded. Flexible Software Protection Content Barrier isn't rigid. When employees, children or students try to override the software, the Content Bear screen pops up, squeaks and nicely informs them certain accessed material is blocked. Yet, if Internet access is required to restricted material, say for a report on racism or violent groups, authorized administrators can unlock specific Web sites, or access to specific categories. Content Barrier allows choices — the whole site, just the Web page, or the Web pages whose URL contains a specific URL string. Teenagers aren't great fans of Content Barrier (okay, they really don't like the bear), but Content Barrier provides necessary controls and selective Internet access. Intego offers a 30-day free trial for all its software products. Support is provided through their Knowledgebase, online user manual in the Help menu, bug report, or online support service. Automatic updates are available with NetUpdate, with automatic e-mail notification of certain events. Intego also offers ChatBarrier X5, FileGuard X5, NetBarrier X5, Personal Antispam X5, Personal Backup X5 and Virus Barrier X5 security software. Apple recognizes there are virus and malware threats to Macs, and Mac users need the best Internet protection system. Intego reports their multilingual X5 software programs fuse seamlessly with Mac OS X 10.4 versions and above, even Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). In today's world, it's not enough to have firewire protection, and Intego delivers a strong defense system to protecting Macs. WORDS BY LISA P. HILL Product Content Barrier X5 Made by Intego Price $49.95 for 1-seat license; $197.95 for 5-seat license; $329.95 for 10-seat license Pros Well-designed user profile screens, easy to understand; easy access to uploaded files Cons Category protection screens wide range of websites. Users may have to identify additional allowed websites Rating ★★★★★

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