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42 MacDirectory DEPARTMENT Cocktails on the Fly Don't look like a classless schlub chugging PBR in the corner next time you're with family and friends. Tune into On Networks Cocktails on the Fly, and learn about some newfangled intoxicants from "mixologist" Alberta Straub. She breaks down the ingredients of some pretty potent and devilishly delectable concoctions in short, instructive videos. She pays homage to cocktail mainstays like the White Russian, but also delivers specialty drinks like her Date with David Bowie. Since you're so curious, a date with Bowie consists of: orange vodka, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, sliced blood orange, Ziggy Sugar, seltzer and ice. Some androgynous '80s clothes would probably help, too. The Moth We're a species of storytellers that has managed to pass along tales through thousands of years, and the not-for-profit organization The Moth keeps this tradition going by bringing listeners unforgettable, touching and often hysterical stories from everyday people and notable personalities. Writer, artist and designer Jeffery Rudell shares his child hood experience of moving to a rural Michigan farm, and having a calf rampaging through the house on Thanksgiving Day, in one episode. Even esteemed author Malcolm Gladwell and cherished radio host Garrison Keillor bare all for The Moth. You'll relate to every story on some level, and unless you're a robot, you'll be moved by the honesty and candidness of each anecdote. Watching the Directors Think you know everything about Ridley Scott? Claim to be a Mel Brooks aficionado? Are you ready to throw down your Ingmar Bergman knowledge at the drop of a hat? If you've contemplated any of these questions, you should be probably be downloading this semi-regular podcast. Hosts Joe and Melissa Johnson are both total film nerds who spotlight the work of some of the best directors. A nice aspect of this show is that it goes beyond just opinionated blather, and provides a healthy amount of contextual information in which to consider the films. The show weaves biographical information with analysis of the directors' work, and you'll definitely learn some obscure facts about your favorite movies. Though they have been slacking on putting out new episodes, there is a library of about 60 episodes on the site. Best of YouTube If you're anything like me, you have wasted days, maybe even months, of your life trolling YouTube in hopes of finding a 30-second video that will make you pee your pants or do a double take. Now you can let someone else do all the searching for you—just subscribe to the Best of YouTube pod- cast. Admittedly, some of the videos are absolutely moronic and you'll wish you didn't waste those two minutes watching a video called "Wunder Boner." Every once in a while, though, they'll deliver a real gem, such as a video of a girl with no arms flying a plane in a shirt that says "Look Ma No Hands." 60-Second Psych Take a minute and learn why conservatives are happier than liberals. In this Scientific American-sponsored podcast, a new study is described and deconstructed every week. The journalists who host the show do a nice job of wading through the medical jargon, and breaking it down in laymen's language. If psychology isn't your shtick, there's also a 60-Second Earth and a 60-Second Science podcast. HOTTEST PODCASTS MACDIRECTORY PRESENTS ITS PERIODIC LOOK AT THE HOTTEST PODCASTS ON THE WEB. WHETHER IT'S MOVIES, VIRAL VIDEOS OR EVEN IMBIBEMENTS, WE HAVE IT COVERED, WORDS BY CHRIS SWEENEY

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