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28 MacDirectory DEPARTMENT Q> I am looking for an external monitor. I know that Apple monitors are better than most, but I wonder if you have any other suggestions. - M. Lenseng, Manitoba A> The choice of a monitor depends on your needs. If you don't go with Apple, check the online reviews of various models and choose a digital display (one that requires a DVI connector rather than VGA) as the picture will generally be of higher quality. If you have a recent consumer or pro MacBook, consider the new 24" LED display. It's big, bright, accurate, has a nice 2.1 speaker system and doesn't require a video adapter. The downside is that it is glossy. This might not be an issue for you, but if you are into accurate color retouching or you do not like to stare at your reflection all day, your choice in Apple displays is limited to the 30" model. There are still a few non- reflective 23" Apple displays in the channels and if you hurry you can grab one from an online or catalogue source before the stock disappears. Q> I'm just getting into Premier Pro. I can get around using my keyboard but I know that there are control devices for this sort of thing. What do you recommend? – J. Menack, New York A> Two such items immediately come to mind. One is the Shuttle Pro from Contour Design . It has jog/shuttle controls, 15 programmable buttons, and has a really low profile. The second is the DV Keyboard from Bella . It has a built-in jog/shuttle controller, 17 programmable buttons and sticker sets to label your keys for a variety of video applications. Q> I used to mount my iPod on the desktop and use it like a thumb drive. But I can't get my iPhone to do this. Isn't this just a glorified iPod? Why can't I mount it on the desktop? - M. Jones, Utah A> Oooh! My first iPhone question! While the iPhone has many iPod features, it is, above all, a cellular phone. Why won't it mount? Who knows? One might consider that it is an upscale device that is making inroads into the enterprise market. (See .) The likelihood that someone could load their expensive, highly desirable, theft- prone phone with confidential company data may have something to do with the apparent disabling of a mounting feature. Never fear, there are a number of iApps that you can load on your Mac and iPhone that make it possible to send files to your phone wirelessly and even view them on your iPhone. Do an iApps search for the term "files." Q> How does Web optimization work? I understand it in principle but how do I achieve it? - P. Kowalczyk, Ohio A> As you know, search engine optimization (SEO in geekspeak) is a process by which a Web site can attract visitors by the judicious use of text, tags and other means. As the most popular means of searching the web is Google, you might want to check out their free testing and optimization tool. The URL is ridiculously complex, so do a search for these words: google web optimization. The link you want is right at the top of the list. There are as many "dont's" to this process as "do's," so make sure that you observe best practices and avoid such cheap gimmicks as burying tons of key words in white type. Google is smart enough to detect this sort of annoying nonsense and will tank the ratings of sites that try this kind of thing. By the way, if you need to approach this issue on a corporate level and are thinking about hiring a commercial SEO firm, check them out first to make sure that they play by the rules or you might find a short-term gain followed by a long-term trashing. Q> My machine is constantly having a cow. Without any reason the screen goes dark and the application windows are spread all over the screen. What is going on here? - R. Nalls, Oklahoma A> Wild guess: You have a mighty mouse. If so, check out the keyboard and mouse control panel. Chances are that the buttons on the side of the mouse are set to trigger Exposé. Set 'em to "off" and the bovine deliveries should cease. BEEBE > MACDIRECTORY'S TECH GODDESS

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