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176 MacDirectory APPLE CONNECTION MD has created a way to unite Mac users from all over the globe. Simply drop us a recent picture, age, email address, and let us know what you do with your Mac at midnight. Don't be shy! Email us at > Photos by Marc Burgess I'm Crystal. I'm 25 and I search the Web for trouble at midnight. I'm Lavrenti. I'm 23 and I answer emails at midnight on my Mac. I'm Carey. I'm 23 and I make music on Pro Tools at midnight on my Mac. I'm Kristina. I'm 21 and I'm an iChat and Facebook addict!! I'm Joe. I'm 22 and I go on YouTube at midnight on my Mac. I'm Sonny. I'm 36 and I use my Mac to watch movies and store music. I'm Shmooli the Clown. I'm 26 and I watch jug- gling videos on my Mac. I'm Jenny from the Bronx. I'm 36 and I get my fashion tips at midnight. I'm Dariany. I'm 18 and I chat with my friends and family at midnight. I'm Linda. I'm 29 and I check out photos at midnight on my Mac. I'm Monet. I'm 25 and I network from Myspace to Facebook on my Mac. I'm Virginia. I'm 26 and I love to write at midnight on my Mac. I'm Maddy. I'm 21. I use Photoshop and Dream- weaver on my Mac. I'm Trey. I'm 30 and I create some mad graphics on my Mac. I'm Nakita. I'm 22 and I go on Facebook at midnight on my Mac. MDMAIL I'm Cristina. I'm 19 and I check my Myspace page at midnight on my Mac.

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