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Winter-Spring 2009 (#40)

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140 MacDirectory INTERVIEW LAPWORKS > GOOD ERGONOMICS EQUALS GOOD ECONOMICS Laptops have gone from a high-end, corporate product to something that is nearly as common as an iPod. This is in large part thanks to the advent of wireless technology, which allows people to use their laptops, literally, almost anywhere. But, as anyone who has struggled to type a paper while hunched over a table in an Internet café knows, along with conveni- ence must come comfort – and that is where Lapworks steps in. Lapworks bills itself as a developer and seller of "affordable, ergonomic portable computer lap desks and desktop stands that take the hassle and hazard out of working with your notebook computer." This statement is no exaggeration, accor- ding to Jose Calero, founder and president of Lapworks. In fact, a big part of Lapworks' mission – along with product sales – is to stress (no pun intended) the importance of ergonomics to their customers' well-being. Calero expressed frustration that currently, many laptop manufac-turers have been slow to get on the ergonomics bandwagon, even as laptops get thinner – and run hotter. "The MacBook Air – you can fry eggs on that thing! Apple has even put a warning out saying don't work with this on your lap. But Apple doesn't offer a lap desk on their site, so that creates an opportunity for us." One of the ways in which Lapworks has taken advantage of this opportunity is with Futura, a portable laptop desk that provides cooling as well as comfort for laptop users. Futura's design includes a 1/8 inch airspace under the notebook and open ventilation slots, which reduces heat by about 20 percent -- or the same amount of heat reduction you would get with two USB fans. Another great feature of Futura is that along with being functional, it is also stylish. In fact, users can even have their Futura customized for only $20 above the base price of $29.99. So if you're tired of nursing an aching back every time you use your laptop, stop by Lapworks online to view all company products, or just pick up the Futura at your local Target or other IT products store. WORDS BY MARY ROSENTHOL MACTEK > CONSULTING & TRAINING Reading Doug Hanley's signature line on his e-mail, you quickly begin to realize why MacTEK Consulting and Training is Southern Nevada's premier source for Macintosh Computer Support. Doug is an Apple Certified Systems Admin- istrator, Apple Certified Trainer, Apple Certified Support Professional and an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator. MacTEK is an Apple Authorized Training Center (IT & Pro Apps), Adobe Authorized Training Center, Apple Consultants Net- work Member and an Apple Authorized Service Provider. MacTEK has been in business since 1990 and located in Las Vegas since 1992. They provide warranty repairs and out of warranty repairs on Apple products with genuine Apple parts. MacTEK is Nevada's only Apple Authorized Training Center and Adobe Authorized Training Center. MacDirectory > What is the primary area of MacTEK's operation? Doug Hanley > We are an Apple Author- ized Training Center, which means we offer courses in training on Apple pro- ducts. Apple has a number of training centers in the United States and around the world where people can sit in a class – a three day class or four day class – what- ever with an Apple Certified Trainer. These are IT classes as well as classes on the pro apps like Logic, Final Touch, Sound Track and others. There are also certification classes that people can take as well. MD > MacTEK has the reputation for being a premier Apple Support agency. DH > One of the big differences is that pretty much all of our trainers actually work in the industry they are doing the training on. In other words, they are not just people who have gone and taken a class on a subject and then began teaching but rather they are IT profes- sionals who are doing consulting work, support work, or like in the design classes, they are actually doing graphic design Photoshop work for a living as well as teaching the program. Visit MacTEK online at WORDS BY E. L. GRIGGS

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