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138 MacDirectory PROFILE SCOSCHE INDUSTRIES > HIGH-QUALITY AUDIO PRODUCTS Founded almost 30 years ago, Scosche Industries continues to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality car audio installation products and accessories. The company works to design products that are both innovative and practical. Scosche's diverse product line includes iPod accessories, iPod integration, mobile electronic accessories, and universal navigation products. One of the more popular and innovative products from this company is the passPORT. The passPORT is the first car charging adapter to be made for the iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G, and the iPod nano 4G. The product uses a female pass- through connector to attach to any in-car iPod integration system to charge all iPhone and iPod models. "Scosche designed the passPORT to help owners of the iPod touch 2G, nano 4G and iPhone 3G connect their new devices into the their existing car integration that use the old connection system," says Mark Olson, a spokesman for Scosche Industries. In fact, the product proved to be so unique that it was an Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award honoree. In January, Scosche Industries announced a variety of new iPod and iPhone accessories. Specifically, Scosche will be adding three products to its Listen line in 2009 – two types of new ear- phones and the HZ5 tuneSTREAM Bluetooth head-phones. Additionally, Scosche added the passPORT Home Dock to its Power line. Scosche also began shipping its other CES 2009 Innovations Award winner – the reCOIL, a retractable car charger for iPod and iPhone, in January. With respect to its Protect line, Scosche plans to expand by adding new versions of the award-winning kickBACK polycarbonate case. Scosche also planned to display the newest addition to the Connect product line at the recent Consumer Electronics Show – namely the showTIME. This interesting product is a 6-foot long audio/video output cable that allows users to play videos from their iPod or iPhone through any display with RCA inputs. See for more information. WORDS BY LARISA REDINS AEC SOFTWARE > PROJECT-FOCUSED & BUSINESS SOFTWARE AEC Software is a leading developer of project-focused and business software for Windows, Mac and Palm. AEC Software was determined to offer business professionals quality scheduling software and an effective presentation tool for presenting information to clients. AEC developed an application called FastTrack Schedule. This program has been a winner of many awards in the project scheduling market. This is an automated project information manager, receiving much acclaim from critics and customers. MacDirectory had the opportunity to speak with Dennis Bilowus, president and CEO of AEC Software. MacDirectory > Dennis, tell me about AEC Software. Dennis Bilowus > AEC Software has been an Apple Premier software developer for over 20 years now. We've been building software since 1988. We are working on an upgrade for FastTrack Schedule that will be released in 2009. It will bring some new and exciting features not seen anywhere else today. Due to current economic conditions, now more than ever, companies are looking for greater efficiency in their projects and in their budgets. They are looking for software that can enhance their profitability. Companies are realizing the benefit of project management software on all levels. They are looking for stability in their software and stability in their software provider. We've been in business for 20 years and we expect to be here a whole lot longer. MD > Tell me about FastTrack Schedule. DB > FastTrack Schedule is project management software for Windows and Macintosh. On Mac, we are a universal product, and on Windows we are fully certified. Just like Microsoft's product Excel, we are cross platform, which gives us the opportunity to serve Windows and Macintosh machines. MD > Will Microsoft Excel communicate or share with FastTrack Schedule? DB > We have an import and export feature that works extremely well with Excel. We also import and export openly and directly mind manager files and create mind manager files with FastTrack Schedule and we open Microsoft project files. We can open their files seamlessly. AEC Software will continue to expand its offerings with new, innovative products. The company's goal is constant improve- ment of its products and services. AEC Software, based in Sterling, VA, can be found at . WORDS BY E. L. GRIGGS KICKBACK NANO

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