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128 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK BOOKENDZ DOCKING STATIONS > PROVIDING SAFE HARBOR When you think of the items necessary to help maximize the performance of your Mac, docking stations may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Unless you're Bookendz, where docks are not just the first thing that come to mind, but the only thing. Bookendz is one of the top providers of docking stations for Macs, sporting a large variety of products and a reputation for quality and customer service. Bookendz entered the docking station business around 2005, when they purchased a company called Photo Controls. At that point there was no going back, inside sales manager Sara Rosenberg told MacDirectory, as sales took off from the beginning, and have continued to be robust even given the current economic slowdown. Rosenberg said she believes there are several reasons for this, primarily that Bookendz not only offers a superior product, but "we are a very small company and go out and actually speak to customers and listen to what they want in docking stations." This hands-on approach has not only resulted in plenty of loyal Bookendz customers but has attracted loads of new business from Mac users, particularly in the areas of education. According to Rosen- berg, "A lot more schools are buying Macs and they need the docks. They have a lot of kids using these computers and they want something stationary, so we've defi- nitely gotten into that part of business." Rosenberg also gives credit to Apple, telling MacDirectory that all of the upgrades, enhancements and improvements that the company continually puts into their products has created an atmosphere that keeps Bookendz "on our toes." As for the future, Rosenberg said she is optimistic that, "we're going to keep trying to come with docks and as [Apple] keeps upgrading we'll keep adjusting to what they put on and take off the laptops. We'll also keep listening to our customers and adding more features as the customers want them." Check out to learn more about what options are availble. Innovative Office Products started in the mid-1980s as a manufacturer of ergonomic office products for computers. At that time, says Sales and Marketing Manager Joe Tosolt, computers were such a new phenomenon that the inventory primarily consisted of "products for CRTs like anti-glare filters." Then the '90s came along, bringing LCD, or flat panel, technology into the mix. This opened up a whole new world for Innovative, as computers not only changed physically, but went from being a novelty to a necessity in offices worldwide. At this point, Innovative expanded its product line to add arms that would suspend the computer monitor above a user's desk. Initially customers found this to be "counte- rintuitive," Tosolt said, adding "but then people started realizing that (it's) better if you can adjust your desk space to get (your computer moni- tor) out of the way if you're not using it." As computer usage continued to expand, ergonomics became even more of an issue, with customers starting to come to Innovative before, rather than after, they purchased their products. This is because for years, Innovative Office Products has done something very different than most providers of ergonomic equipment. Tosolt explained, "A lot of flat panels come with mounting stands, but those stands are designed for the middle of the bell curve, so someone who is larger or smaller is not going to be well-serviced by them. We try to make it easy for the user to interact with the technology by letting the technology adapt to them instead of" the other way around. It is in this spirit of adapting to the current technology that Innovative has recently released a new ergonomic stand for laptops. It is called Cricket, and is a lightweight, folding tripod that is adjustable, easy to transport, and aids in battery cooling. So whether you're looking for a smart addition to your office space or just a quick and easy way to save your neck and back when you use your laptop at the local Internet café, Innovative Office is the place to go. WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN INNOVATIVE OFFICE > ADJUSTING TO YOUR NEEDS WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN

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