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MacDirectory 117 REVIEW | PRODUCTIVITY it can be edited without having to return to the browse mode and search it out. FileMaker can now talk directly to an SMTP server. So, if you're planning on using your database to do a mass mailing you'll no longer need to forward the output to your own mail program and send the messages out individually. (We hope our readers will use this new feature responsibly.) Pulling the Trigger As mentioned earlier, FileMaker Pro 10 is several features (and a couple of hundred dollars short) of the Advanced version for developers. However, you can still take advantage of several very powerful and useful new scripting features. Several of the best fall into the category of what FileMaker is calling "Script Triggers." These will fire off a selected script when a user performs a certain action in a browse or find field. Over the years, FileMaker professionals had found some ways to perform a similar function, but it wasn't easily accomplished. The one notable disappointment in FileMaker 10 Pro is the lack of iPhone support in all but the FileMaker 10 Pro Server Advanced product, which can serve out forms for browsing, adding or updating data remotely. We hope that some day the company will revive FileMaker Mobile in a form that can sync with the iPhone. Virtually any of FileMaker Pro's contact management Starter Solutions can out-gun Apple's Address Book application. With features like phone dialing, and the program's ability to pull online services directly into a FileMaker window, FileMaker Pro 10 is one of the best contact management tools available for the Mac platform. It's definitely a worthwhile upgrade and, with the company being a subsidiary of Apple, we can hope that the iPhone connection won't be too far off. Product FileMaker Pro 10 Made by FileMaker, Inc. Price $299 ($179 upgrade) Pros New look offers polish, convenience; "live" data in reports; new scripting tools Cons Lack of iPhone support without server Rating HHHH

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