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114 MacDirectory REVIEW | PRODUCTIVITY For amateur and professional photographers, Lightroom 2 offers dynamic tools to organize, enhance and download photographs seamlessly in slideshows and websites. Lightroom 2 does not provide the detailed functions present in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4, yet Lightroom 2 seamlessly integrates with Photoshop. For this article, Lightroom 2 easily downloaded and operated on a Mac G5 and MacBook Pro computer. Pictures were imported from Nikon D200, Nikon D1X and Nikon CoolPix S9 cameras. Lightroom 2 specializes in importing, processing, and managing thousands of digital photographs. For amateur photo- graphers, Lightroom 2's graphic interface and photo adjustment tools are easy to understand and launch. Photos can be downloaded from camera cards, hard drives, removable discs or tethered system. Lightroom 2 offers five different modules – Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print and Web. In each module, menus can be hidden to provide a larger work area. In Library, photos can be viewed in multiple displays – either as a grid, single, side-by- side (compare) or survey workspace. One advanced feature allows images to be displayed and edited in one window, while separate images can be opened in a second window. With the Lightroom 2 Filter bar, photographs can be organized and searched by filenames, titles, captions or keywords. Photographs can also be selected and sorted by flags, star ratings, color labels or type of file. Lightroom 2 always retains raw data, while storing edits on separate files. Lightroom 2 allows for seamless integra- tion with Photoshop CS3 and CS4. When individual or a set of photos are selected, particular features from Photoshop can be enabled directly in Lightroom 2. Once changes are completed in Photoshop, these edited images can be viewed and further edited in Lightroom 2 without having to import the image. One file can incorporate the total history of photo- graph adjustments. Adobe reports Light- room 2 allows editing on JPG, TIFF, PSD and more than 190 camera raw file formats. In the Develop module, Lightroom 2 offers a wide variety of tools to fine-tune indivi- dual pictures. Added features include Spot Removal, Graduated Filter and Ad- justment Brush in addition to the various enhancement menus (Basic, Tone Curve, HSL/Curve/Grayscale, Split Toning, Vig- nettes and Camera Calibration). Pictures can be quickly zoomed by selecting Fit, Fill, 1:1 (100%) up to a 11:1 (1100%) screen. Once enhanced, these dynamic digital pictures can be displayed in Slide- show, printed or uploaded onto the Web to share with clients, family and friends. In Lightroom 2, the Crop feature continues to offers a valuable tool in straightening images, making it easier to align horizon lines, vertical buildings or angled snapshots, and highlighting the rule of thirds. The Print module provides tools designed to sharpen images, select Matte or Glossy print, and allow multiple sizing of images to be printed on one sheet. In the Web Module, a wide variety of features enable a person to quickly design, create, and enhance their own photo web page. Dynamic web galleries based on Adobe Flash or HTML can showcase photos online. Lightroom 2 is a tool that works well with amateur photographers, but continues to have the power and depth to satisfy professional demands. The standard presets allow excellent imagery to be created with minor adjustments. However, professional features and tools have been expanded to allow photographers ample tools to tweak pictures and beyond. And smooth integration with Photoshop CS3 and CS4 offers advanced pixel-level editing and retouching. Adobe's Lightroom 2 offers a free 30-day trial download and online video tutorial. In addition, Adobe provides online access to alternative learning resources through the Lightroom Learning Centers. Lightroom 2 continues to offer a well-rounded photograph managing and editing tool for amateurs and professional photographers. ADOBE LIGHTROOM 2 > DYNAMIC PHOTOGRAPHY MADE SIMPLE Product Photoshop Lightroom 2 Made by Adobe Price $299, Upgrade $99 Pros Well-designed modules, natural progression, 64-bit native on Macs Cons None Rating HHHHH WORDS BY LISA P. HILL

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