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Professional Video Quality at Home HD 1080P Live Streaming Webcam by Papalook By Thomas Bender I never thought I’d say this, but I’m yearning for some in-person meetings and real-life conversations! Whether for work or personal life, sitting behind a computer screen and communicating through nothing more than emails and video calls is wearing thin. But welcome to the new normal, right? With so much time spent on video, I wanted to invest in something better than the grainy webcam built into my laptop bezel. Enter the Papalook HD1080P Live Streaming Webcam. This little video companion is affordable, easy to set up, and an instant improvement over any integrated webcam. And if you have a desktop and no integrated webcam? I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how precious an add-on something like the Papalook Live Streaming Webcam can be! The contents of the Papalook Webcam packaging foreshadow its ease of installation and use. Other than the camera itself and the included tripod, there is nothing else in the box to worry about. It’s really that easy (okay, technically, there is also a cleaning cloth and a user guide inside). The USB cord provides both power and the data connection you need, and is hardwired to the camera itself, so you can’t even misplace it. Plug this bad boy into any USB port, and in less than a minute, it will appear in all your camera selection options, regardless of what program you’re using (Zoom, Teams, Hangout, Twitch, your computer’s camera app, etc.). It was so easy I was skeptical. Of course, as we’ve all learned by now, looking good on video is all about the right angle and lighting. Papalook has both aspects covered. The camera comes installed on a small mount

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