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BOOK REVIEWS 46 MacDirectory BOOK REVIEWS > READ THE FINEST IN PRINT... AND ONLINE REVIEWS BY RIC GETTER slide:ology Anyone who has ever left a meeting feeling like they have "survived" another PowerPoint presentation knows how badly speaker support slides (and the audience forced to view them) can be abused. Yet after a Steve Jobs keynote address, how many people have you heard even offer a comment on the graphics projected behind him? Like a well-written musical underscore in a movie, graphics that blend seamlessly into a presentation may never in and of themselves be noticed, but can be the persuasive tipping point that changes the attitudes of an entire generation (think An Inconvenient Truth). Designer/author Nancy Duarte is pressing for a paradigm shift of comparable scale with slide:ology — The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations. After the first dozen or so pages, your perspective on PowerPoint (and Keynote) will be forever changed. By the time you reach the closing chapter, you'll have the vision and quite understand the skills you'll need to break out of the bounding box of bullet point templates and create graphics that empower your message. One of the great things about slide:ology is that Duarte not only is teaching some of the basics of design, she is training the reader to think like a designer. The early chapters illustrate how to brainstorm ideas and refine them to develop the core of your message. She then leads us through the process of translating the utterly abstract into the meaningfully graphic. One of the book's most valuable chapters shows how to pick your way through the potentially lethal minefield of graphs and data. The most important points are underscored by case studies of some of the most effective and creative presenters and presentations. slide:ology is as inspiring to read as it is beautiful to look at (you would expect no less from one of Silicon Valley's most sought-after designers). Duarte understands that only a small fraction of presenters have had more than the most minimal training in design and not all of us can employ the services of pros. So the author provides us with a fairly thorough and remarkably painless grounding in the basics of color, composition, typography and motion—essentially the grammar and syntax of visual literacy. Even though some of the examples in the book go way beyond the basics (and quite possibly the reader's skills), you'll find out how to make the best of the tools you're most comfortable with. slide:ology is a must- read for anyone who has the need to back up his or her presentation with slides. Your audience may never notice how good your slides are, but they just may walk away something far more important. slide:ology by Nancy Duarte O'Reilly 274 pages, $34.99 ISBN 978-0-596-522234-6 iPhone 3G Portable Genius Perhaps it was because of Apple's veil of secrecy, but finding a good book about the 3G iPhone has been almost as hard as finding the phone itself. But the literary vacuum gave Wiley a great opportunity to launch its Portable Genius series of books about Apple products. If the debut title, iPhone 3G Portable Genius is a taste of things to come, this could prove to be a very valuable series, indeed. Like most things Apple, the iPhone gives the appearance of being a simple, intuitive device. But there are scads of "hidden" features lurking just beneath its well-polished surface. The phone itself comes with just enough printed documentation to let you find your way home from the Apple Store and how to

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