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42 MacDirectory DEPARTMENT The Ricky Gervais Podcast Despite the plethora of podcasts categorized as "comedy," very few are actually funny. Most are juvenile, some are crass, and all are hosted by garrulous personalities who cackle at every one-liner cracked. Thankfully, for everyone looking for laughs from their iPod, comic genius Ricky Gervais delivers both video and audio podcasts. Creator and star of BBC's The Office and HBO's Extras, Gervais brings his risible wit to the Internet. The only shortcoming is the sporadic posting of new episodes. Psychedelic Salon Take a trip back to the weird world of the psychedelic '60s with your soft spoken host, Lorenzo. Episodes are centered on lectures given by doctors, gurus, authors and others who have interesting insight regarding psychedelic lifestyles. You can listen to an Aldous Huxley speech, from nearly 50 years ago, in which he discusses his masterpiece Brave New World. Tune into Timothy Leary speeches from the '80s and hear him talk about the need to hand power, of all sorts, to younger generations. Psychoactive drugs, crop circles, cyber society, UFOs, and theories of consciousness are all contemplated on this spacey cast. The one flaw is that there is no fast-forward, rewind, or length of the episodes posted on iTunes. It could be an attempt to create some psychedelic time- warp experience for listeners, or it could just be sloppy production — I'm not sure. This Week in MEDIA If you are a media addict, this podcast is a nice fix. Daisy Whitney, John Flowers, and other hosts examine the most recent developments in content delivery systems and analyze industry trends. The hosts' obsession with the world of media is tangible as they deconstruct the challenges independent filmmakers face, debate over Pixar's genius, and lament over their addictions to The hour-long episodes are packed with information that keeps listeners abreast of emerging media technologies. One of the more interesting topics for all you wanna- be media moguls is the shortcoming of online marketing campaigns and innova- tive ways to capture listeners and viewers of online content. The production quality is outstanding and the conversation is engaging. What's better, streaming or downloading? What is the new business model for media companies? While you may not agree with the hosts, they will certainly get your brain going. And obviously, anyone talking about the world of media needs to give Apple, iTunes, iPods and iPhones plenty of talk time. In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond Bebop, hard bop, fusion, crossover and international — any type of Jazz is game in this relatively new podcast. Host Ken Laster has a brain overflowing with musical knowledge and flooded with the history of jazz. Between songs, Laster weighs in with commentary and anecdotes, but never babbles incessantly like so many radio hosts and podcasters. The tone of the entire broadcast is so relaxed that it is easy to drift off into smooth tempo and spend an hour distracted by the rumblings of a deep bass. The podcast is associated with Laster's radio show, out of Storrs, Conn. One recent episode celebrated what would have been Charlie "Bird" Parker's 88th birthday, with a tribute to the master of bebop. Throughout the shows, songs from iconic artists are laced seamlessly with acts by more obscure artists, making for a nice variety of tunes. Whether you are a jazz aficionado or just shopping around for some new music, this podcast is sure to get you in the groove. On the Page For everyone out there who has dreamed of writing the next Oscar-winning screenplay, this podcast should help. Script writing consultant Pilar Alessandra shares her strategies and tips for the entire process—from getting the first words on the page to selling your masterpiece. She covers all genres, film and television, and even has pointers for creating comic back adaptations. Go forth, future screenwriters of America. HOTTEST PODCASTS MACDIRECTORY PRESENTS ITS PERIODIC LOOK AT THE HOTTEST PODCASTS ON THE WEB. WHETHER IT'S HISTORY, POLITICS, HUMOR OR TECHNOLOGY, WE HAVE IT COVERED, WORDS BY CHRIS SWEENEY

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