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MacDirectory 175 INTERVIEW NAME > Tanja Gia AGE > 25 LOCATION > Los Angeles GLORY > My proudest moment was when I was 10 and my little sister was born. I thought the world revolved around me till she came to life. I was so proud my parents let me name her! Michelle. My first and only brother Alex came right after that. They are the key to my soul. SECRET > My biggest secret is that I'm a tomboy! I love playing sports. No one can ever tell and always thinks I'm a delicate rose because I model. I believe it's important for a woman to be able to defend herself you never know if or when you will need it. MVP (Mac Valuable Product) > My absolute favorite Mac product is my White MacBook! ROMANCE > If I had a date with Steve Jobs it would probably turn into an interview. It's rare you have an opportunity to sit down with such an intellectual that's not only the co- founder but also the CEO of Apple... What could you not want to ask? TECHNOLOGY > I never expected, from the first Apple computer I used in the third grade, that it would evolve into what it has become no one did. I want to thank Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs . . . for making life easier and more interesting. TUNES > On my iPod Nano I have some of everything! Frank Sinatra, Rascal Flatts to NeYo, J-Lo, Mariah and Beyonce. I also have the new iPhone. PHOTO > CAESAR LIMA CAESARPHOTO.COM MAKEUP & HAIR > Veronica Hernandez MAC MODEL

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