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116 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK REALBASIC 2008 BY REAL SOFTWARE REALbasic is a rapid application development environment that enables developers to create high-quality, native software for Windows, Mac and Linux. REALbasic includes: • An integrated environment designed for developer productivity • A modern, object-oriented programming language • A cross-platform object framework • A cross compiler that produces native executables REALbasic is used to create all types of applications, including database clients, commercial software, custom business solutions, educational products and more. REAL Software ships updates to REALbasic every 90 days. No other software tools company ships updates at this pace. Each new REALbasic license includes all updates for six months. When your REALbasic update plan ends, you can either purchase a one-year update plan renewal or continue using any release that shipped during your update plan. The latest release features a new Attributes language feature, an update to the project analyzer to include warnings of depre- ciated functionality and other code issues, and an integrated profiler that allows pro- grammers to track down performance issues within their applications quickly and without additional coding. REALbasic is offered in two configurations, Professional Edition and Personal Edition. REALbasic Personal Edition is typically for developers who make software for their own, personal use. REALbasic Professional Edition is intended for professional developers who make software for other people to use. REALbasic Professional Edition expands on the features included in the Personal Edition to offer a full- strength development environment. REALbasic Professional Edition is required for cross-platform compilation. REALbasic Professional Edition is intended for serious application developers who require a full-strength development tool. REALbasic Personal Edition is intended for students and casual developers who develop applications for their own use. Some features exclusive to Professional Edition are: Cross-platform compilation: REALbasic Professional Edition compiles native executables for Windows, Linux and Macintosh from a single code base. Remote debugging: REALbasic Professional Edition includes a remote debugger that enables you to observe your code execution on one computer as it runs on another computer. The remote debugger enables you to write your code on Windows, for example, and test it on Linux and Macintosh. Because the remote debugger is based on the TCP/IP protocol, you can even remotely debug your application on a machine in another location, such as a customer site. Database server access: REALbasic Professional Edition provides access to multi-user database servers, including REAL SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and ODBC. The MySQL plugin is a 3rd party download from Alacatia Labs. Database encryption: The REALbasic framework includes a single-user database engine based on the SQLite database. REALbasic Professional Edition supports AES 256 encryption on these databases. Console applications: REALbasic Professional Edition can create command line applications that can run in the background or when no user is logged in to the computer. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Supports SSL, including the ability to switch to and from secure mode on demand. It also supports secure listening, which is required for SSL- enabled servers. ServerSocket: REALbasic Professional Edition includes the ServerSocket class, which enables the rapid development of highly scalable TCP/IP server applications. Automatically manages incoming connections, the ServerSocket scales to thousands of simultaneous connections. Technical Support: Your REALbasic Professional Edition license key provides you access to Web-based technical support directly from REAL Software for as long as your update plan remains current. WORDS BY E.L. GRIGGS

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