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FontLab And macOS 12.3 Monterey By Adam Twardoch | On 11 March, we published FontLab Unfortunately, we discovered a problem in this version: when you open some fonts, FontLab sets the fill of the glyphs transparent. We’re now re-releasing version for both Mac and Windows. This is the same version as was available before 11 March. It does not have this problem, but does bring compatibility with macOS 12.3. Note: If you open a font and all glyphs unintentionally have a transparent or colored fill, scroll down to the end of this text for simple instructions on how to fix it. Download and install FontLab on macOS On macOS, this update brings compatibility with the newest macOS Monterey version 12.3. Apple released macOS 12.3 in March 2022, and this version of macOS broke compatibility with numerous existing apps from many vendors. This included all previous versions of FontLab 7. Before you update macOS Monterey to 12.3, open FontLab and from the FontLab 7 menu choose Check for Updates. Download the FontLab 7 update, and follow the instructions to install it. Then run FontLab 7. If you have installed this new FontLab 7 update, and you then get a notification about FontLab being available, click Skip this Version, then go to Preferences › General and turn off Get beta versions. If you have updated your macOS to 12.3 Monterey, and you try to run an older version of FontLab 7, FontLab will crash. If this happens, click the button below to download the FontLab 7 update, and install it. Download FontLab for macOS (all versions) This update contains two different editions of FontLab 7: for macOS 12.3 or newer, and for macOS 12.2 or older. Please install the edition suitable for your macOS version. To see which version of macOS you’re using, click the Apple menu and choose About your Mac.

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