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Fresh Look - Bringing the Movie House Home By Andy Marken We really like movies. In fact, we watched two pretty decent movies last weekend. Clicked through our streaming services, found a couple on our “gotta catch this” list and watched them. It’s been that way for several years … even before the pandemic. There are films from here and abroad with good plots, good scripts, good acting, good editing/post work. The award folks have consistently looked down their noses at such projects – unless they’re getting paid to be in them – but to each their own. It takes a really great film to get us out of the house and into a theater seat. Stuff like Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World: Dominion were no Casablanca; but from the outset, they were envisioned as projects that would be bigger than the big screen. From the get-go, folks squeezed everything out of everything to maximize the large screen, Dolby Atmos sound made it so it could only truly be experienced with 100 +/- perfect strangers. We also promised no one in particular that we’d be back in

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