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A Fall Harvest of Adobe’s Summer Updates By Ric Getter Some people have found they’re far more productive when they’re working at home. It’s obvious that breaking free of the Silicon Valley traffic slog has helped out the talented product development folks at Adobe. Based on the number of summer software updates that came out of the homes of those who would normally occupy the company’s twin towers in downtown San Jose, they were a very busy and productive group.unique features. The Design Gallery now has over four-hundred templates to get any project started (or provide inspiration). Some are available for purchase, but many are free downloads. Character Development One of the new terms added that were added to our rapidly-growing 2020 lexicon was “Zoom-fatigue.” Only slightly less agonizing than meeting-fatigue, it can be a real hinderance for anyone trying to get a message across whose options are limited to a computer screen. Being able to call up an animated character who can instantly do and say just about anything you want from just about any location you can dream up is proving to be a great way of getting some attention as well as lightening up some very grim times. Adobe’s Character Animator team has been hard at work helping meetings overcome the dreaded Z-F factor, as well

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