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We were Zooming with an industry friend in Croatia last week and he made the passing observation that it was so good that the industry was finally getting back to normal. Well yes, shooting has been underway for almost a month in London, Toronto, Montreal, Nigeria, Kenya, Bollywood, Beijing, Shanghai and Wellington while learning all kinds of new stuff like testing, insurance negotiation, handling crowd/intimacy scenes, craft services and crew limitations. Universal, Focus Features, Disney, Netflix, Paramount and other studios have already signed long-term sound stage, production and post facility agreements with the new and expanded studio complex owners as projects increasingly become limited to a single location because of governmental health concerns/restrictions. “The days of actors and crews moving from one exotic location to another to take advantage of generous tax subsidies is becoming a rarity--at least through 2021,” film industry analyst Stephen Fellows noted. “Even before the pandemic, under two-thirds of the films shoot in one country and 23 percent in two. Now, it’s different.” “The location world has shrunk dramatically,” he continued, “and producers are taking advantage of advances like real-time VFX, VR and LED walls. It adds to the project’s cost, but it also enables the producer to meet his/her production schedule. And in today’s new world, that’s critical.” “The new tools provide a more controlled environment, which means a more safe, secure creative space -- which everyone wants and needs today,” he explained. “They also help projects meet the bonding and insurance requirements, and that’s vital,” he added. Europe’s indie filmmakers have

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