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5 Sneaky iOS 14 Features You Wouldn't Have Known About By Kelly Hodgkins Apple highlighted a handful of features in iOS 14, but there are so many more underneath the hood. We've dug through iOS 14 to f ind those features that you may (or may not) stumble upon as you begin to use the operating system. These smaller enhancements will make using your iPhone that much easier. Continue reading to browse 5 Sneak y iOS 14 Features You Wouldn't Have Known About. 5. Enhance Your Voice Recordings Do you use the voice recorder to record notes, inter views, or any thing else? Well, a new feature in iOS 14 will make these recordings significantly clearer by reducing background noise. • To use this enhanced recording, you need to make a voice recording and then edit it. • To edit your voice recording, tap on the three-dot ellipsis to pull up the edit menu then choose Edit Recording. • Tap on the Magic Wand and then select done. iOS 14 will automatically scan your audio clip and reduce the background noise. This new and improved audio clip will sync across your iOS and macOS devices. 4. Tap the Back of Your Phone to Launch Shortcuts First discovered in a beta version of iOS 14, this accessibility feature lets you tap on your iPhone's back to trigger an action or shortcut. You can choose from various activities during the setup, including taking a screenshot, launching Siri, or more. To enable this back tap feature, you can go to Settings Accessibility Touch Back Tap. You then can choose the number of taps you want to use and the actions you want to trigger. 3. Automatically Make Eye Contact in FaceTime First appearing in a beta version of iOS 13, this feature never made it into the final version of iOS until iOS 14. This feature makes it look like you are making eye contact with the camera even if you are looking at the screen. Turn it on by going to Settings FaceTime Eye Contact. 2. Choose Your Default Email or Web Browser After years of asking for this

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