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10 Features in iOS 14 You Should Try Right Now By Weston Wing-Girot iOS 14 has been out for a bit now, and people can't get over the new widgets and home screen customization options (using Shortcuts). As fun as it is to spice up your home screen, there is so much more to iOS 14 than that. Continue reading to learn about the 10 new features you should try today! 10. Easily Ignore Incoming Calls with Compact Calling iOS 14 introduces a long- overdue alert mechanism for incoming phone and FaceTime calls. In previous versions of iOS, incoming calls would cover the whole screen and interrupt whatever you were doing. Now, iOS users will see a small, banner-like notification at the top of the display. You can answer or ignore the call with the on-screen buttons, swipe the notification down to see it full screen, or ignore the call by swiping up on it. If you ignore the call, an icon will be displayed in the top-left corner until the alert is finished. You may tap this icon to interact with the call once more. 9. FaceTime or Enjoy a Movie with Picture in Picture (PiP) iPadOS already had this feature, but now it's coming to iOS as well. Picture in picture allows you to watch supported videos, even when you are doing other things on your phone. This allows users to be able to continue watching movies or videos, even after exiting the app. You can move the video around the display, swipe it to the side for audio-only, and change the PiP window's size with just a pinch. Keep in mind, not all videos support iOS. In addition to videos, you can also use FaceTime with PiP, allowing you to use other programs while keeping the call active easily. 8. Update Your Memoji (You Can Even Add a Mask!) If you haven't updated your current memoji, consider the new customization options in iOS 14. Create your own perfect memoji and share it with iMessage contacts. There are new memoji stickers that can be accessed on Apple Watch. (You can even create memoji right on your Watch). 7. Try Having a Conversation in a Different Language Speak their language with the new Translate app included in iOS 14. The app features a

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