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between clips that are just faster with the Loupedeck and again lets me keep my other hand on the mouse. It’s also things like being able to move the playhead one frame over with the dial, or easily zoom in and out on the timeline with the twist of a dial. Small things like that, which were always little frustrations that are now simpler. Q: As part of your job, you work with various people on site, particularly food stylists. Have you been able to integrate the Loupedeck CT into your on-site shooting and what kind of difference has it made? Yeah so that’s a funny thing, on set I always shoot tethered to my laptop and the client or food stylists will often want to either take a picture, rotate, rate or cycle through the images. I would always have to show them how to do it in the software or tell them what the hotkey was, and most of the time it would be confusing, or I would have to explain it multiple times throughout the shoot. So now with the Loupedeck I’ve created a couple of custom controls on the touch buttons that are clearly labeled for when clients or food stylist need them. Q: Would you recommend the Loupedeck to other creatives? I would definitely recommend the Loupedeck to my friends and other creatives who do a lot of image or video work. I think it has a lot of fun and practical applications for speeding up that editing workflow, but also on set as well. When you do a lot of editing and post-production, seconds add up to hours and days over the long term, so anything that will shave off time during that process is extremely valuable from a time standpoint. Q: Anything else you’d like to add? Join me over at to learn all the tips and tricks of food photography, or follow my journey on Instagram and get free tutorials and behind the scenes content on Learn more about Loupedeck CT at

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