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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare By Thomas Bender Every year I ask myself if I 'm going to play the new Call of Duty. After all, it 's an 18 -year- old franchise, and while it continues it s annual evolution, there aren't any major changes, right? But every year, I load it up and find myself hooked on its infamous gameplay loop and eager to uncover all the tweaks and new twists that have been added to the now- classic formula. Call of Duty : Modern War fare is no exception, and even as a 're - imagination' of the eponymous title that rocketed Call of Duty to the top of the charts, there is still more than enough to enjoy. This year 's installment comes from Infinity Ward, the studio that released the first Modern War fare title that revolutionized first- person shooters, so you know it 's gonna be good. If you happened to be playing video games all those years ago, you might get a tinge of familiarity with the title, in a good way. It present s a tightly scripted, bombastic, high - production blockbuster video game rooted in modern war fare with enough twists, turns, and technology to keep every minute exciting. Single Player Campaign While last year 's Call of Duty forewent the single - player campaign for a fairly robust battle royale mode, the campaign returns this year to weave a tale of international cooperation and proxy wars being fought across Europe and the Middle East . In what has become typical Call of Duty fashion, the storyline includes controversial scenes with shocking imagery, blunt violence, and uncomfortable scenarios that will surely be talked about at the video game water cooler, if there is such a thing. Controversy is well -trodden ground for Inf init y Ward, and Modern War fare does take you right to the edge on some 'gray area' topics. It asks you to step over that edge on your own, and never really forces you to confront some potentially thought- provoking topic s, but it 's still a story that takes it self seriously and asks for your buy- in. The photo-realistic presentation helps earn that trust, and several 'night vision' missions even mimic the storied raids you'll hear about on the national news. It's a new tactic that is both interesting and alarming in its ability to recreate war in an entertainment set ting. Set pieces are most certainly on board; there are plenty of explosions; new gadgets are ready to deploy in the middle of an operation; and there is even a sniper mission in homage to the original Modern War fare. However, there are also some more tactical experiences like the aforementioned night vision raids that slow down (and quiet down) the experience, in what became a refreshing

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