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studios/nets focused on a few new shows/programs built around proven commodities – storylines, people – and a mild roster of stable products. With linear TV and entertainment continuing to lose viewers as folks cut/shave their cables, they bet on the winners and spread them across more platform opportunities. After all, people still watch 4 hours, 46 minutes of adult linear TV time – live and shifted. In addition, media owners and broadcasters at the annual upfronts said they were committed to making the ad breaks/stacks more addressable and data rich, rather than overpowering the viewers with more ad volume. We thought that was a good thing until a few weeks ago while watching a movie on TNT. Something didn't feel right, so we counted the spots in the ad decks. Surprise … the average for two hours was 10 ads per deck! O.K., so they were 10 -15 sec each; but are you sh(kidding) me? We know AT&T has a big nut to pay off after buying WarnerMedia but… MoffeeNathanson noted that after declining in 2017, the volume of ads has increased each quarter. No kidding! Yes, TV viewership has dropped as folks jump to streaming services, so media companies have taken creative steps to ensure they meet their numbers … raise prices and run more commercials. As Nathanson said, "If you miss your numbers, your stock goes down, you go out." Too many commercials aren't the main reason people cancel their cable services, but you can bet it's in the top five. There are snobs out there who like to point to the resounding success of SVOD services, which proves people will do anything to avoid ads … including pay for their content. According to Digital TV Research, SVOD revenues will climb by $51 billion between 2018 and 2024 to take its total to $87 billion. But … there is still plenty of AVOD growth left.

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