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- Net f lix is still the world's first – and largest – global T V channel. - In the US, there are more than 200 streaming services and probably 10X that are available worldwide. - There will be more than 777M global SVOD subscribers by 2023 (Deloitte). - 5G service will be available to about 45 percent of the global population by 2024 (Ericsson). - There will be more than 600M homes worldwide with UHDTV by 2023 (ABI). - 61 percent of 18-29-year olds in the US watch streaming content, 47 percent of folks 22-45 have abandoned traditional TV, even boomers have found the convenience of streaming (Pew Research). - Globally, consumer IP video traffic will be 84 percent of consumer IP traffic by 2022 (Cisco). - By 2024, three-quarters of global mobile data traffic will be video (Ericsson). Oh yeah, the other fact is that the broadcast industry is a thing of the past. Sinclair Broadcast's boss Chris Ripley said it in stronger terms, "We're competing with Video-on-the-Go – There are still a whole lot of movies/ shows being streamed to the TV screen. However, it's a little early for the streaming channels to rest on "a sure thing" when you realize the younger generation started with a mobile device and think if it isn't on, the screen in their hand it isn't worth much. They certainly don't use the devices to call home. Everyone's Ready – If the industry keeps promoting 5G as hard as they have been, the demand is going to be overwhelming by the time it gets here. And we're going to need it as we sever our scheduled TV arrangements and watch more stuff wirelessly.

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