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164 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK SAMSON TECHNOLOGIES > STRETCHING THE SOUND BARRIER WITH THE CO1U USB MICROPHONE WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN How do you predict market trends when you are a product-driven, customer- focused company that does not have the time to spend on conducting a large- scale, long-term research study? According to Mark Wilder, director of marketing for Samson Technologies you just watch and listen – that is, you watch the trends and listen to your customers. It is a formula that has been successful for Samson for many years, and one that culminated most recently in their development of a USB microphone. The idea for the product started out simply enough, explained Wilder. "One of the things that we do really well is to look at the market and figure out what products will work across a wide section of (it)." Based on this research, Samson decided to move forward with the manufacture of a USB microphone, becoming the first company to put out and successfully market such an item. And that is where the second part of their formula came in handy. Given that Samson was the first company to successfully develop a USB mic, they literally could have introduced it at "any price we wanted," Wilder told MacDirectory. Yet instead of opting for a high-end price tag, Samson continued their research and concluded that the main purchaser of their new product would be the home based user. Therefore, they chose a less expensive (under $100) mic as their base, and updated it with a USB. That mic, called the CO1U USB Condenser, quickly became one of Samson's best-selling microphones – a distinction it still holds to this day. The CO1U sells for $89.99, works with any DAW software program and comes with recording software, a desktop stand and USB cable. One of the key features of the CO1U is that it has a 19mm internal shock mounted diaphragm with a cardioid pick up pattern, an option that "ensure(s) pristine studio quality recordings." The best feature, however, is that the CO1U can be used for any type of audio recording, making it a must-have for journalists, podcasters, business people, and anyone else who needs an easy, inexpensive way to make the work they are doing sound professionally recorded. Ironically, when the CO1U was first released, "podcasting wasn't even a word" said Wilder. "We obviously understand that musicians love it and will want to purchase it, but we are continually amazed at the applications people tell us they use it for like websites and multimedia presentations." So if you are in the mood to get your groove on, or maybe just beef up that podcast or presentation, be sure to check out the CO1U. It is an inexpensive way to product high-quality audio wherever and however you need it.

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