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Casio Edifice > Classic Design with a Touch of TechBy Thomas Bender The words ‘watch’ and ‘innovation’ are becoming quite friendly with each other.  After centuries of traditional design, the timepiece on your arm in the 21st century is being loaded with notifications, apps, phones, GPS systems, and whatever technology manufacturers can shrink to fit in a watch.  Rather than trying to turn your watch into a smartphone, the Casio Edifice subtly implements small pieces of technology to improve the use of a traditional watch, without trying to do a million different things. The Casio Edifice EQB-600 is a frequent traveler’s dream.  It is fully equipped to handle multiple time zones, and not just with a secondary watch face. Yes, the Edifice does have a secondary watch face that you can set to another time zone.  It also has a bold, blue 3D globe face that rotates throughout the day, matching the Earth’s rotation, and keeping track of the sun’s position around the world.   But the best feature, is that with the click of a button, the primary and secondary time zones swap, and the watch automatically adjusts all the instruments to reflect your new primary time zone.  Get off the plane, push a button, and you are already set to local time, while your home time zone remains at your fingertips.  The automatic adjustments include a day of the week watch hand, as well as the day of the month display. Of course, the Edifice can also leverage the data connection from your phone.  It isn’t constantly connected to your phone and draining your battery.  Instead, the Edifice

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