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CLOSER LOOK AOC > INNOVATION IN WORLD OF MONITORS WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Get the latest design and innovation of PC monitors from AOC. AOC is the brand of Top Victory Electronics (TPV), one of the world's largest OEM manufacturers of computer monitors and has more than two decades of experience designing top-quality, easy-to- use PC monitors. AOC monitors are used by individuals and businesses all over the world. Each monitor has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. Own the latest in digital display technology, and at an affordable price. AOC caters to the needs of its customers, and through market research find the core of their need. In addition, AOC has earned national recognition for the quality of their monitors, good performance, and affordability. "Our reputation of offering quality goods has fueled our growth and sustained our business in the market," says AOC Marketing Manager Robert Velez. Admiral was founded in 1934, and by 1982 Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) was a registered worldwide brand. By 2007, they had been selling CRT & LCD monitors, LCD TVs and All-In-One PCs to more than 40 countries. "AOC began as an exporter of color TVs in the late '60s. In the '80s there was the PC boom so the company changed from manufacturing TVs to computer monitors and now the company has evolved to offering technologically advanced monitors, TVs, and multi-functional displays," said Velez. AOC is always coming out with the latest innovation in computer monitors. In December 2011 AOC became the first company to launch a 16-inch USB monitor, and in May 2012 it launched the 22-inch version. This new USB technology offers users the convenience of adding a second monitor without the need of an external power cord. AOC's 22-inch LED ultra-slim USB for today's multi-tasker or anyone who runs multiple applications at once and needs the extra display screen at home, the office or on-the-go. Both USB monitors come with a built-in stand that supports both horizontal and vertical positions. AOC is dedicated to bringing you the ultimate PC gaming and film watching experience, which is why in January 2012 it released the e2352Phz, a flicker-free 3D monitor with plug-and-play connection to any PC. Bring bright, crisp, 3D images to the comfort of your home by simply connecting this monitor to your PC. In addition, use the HDMI input to connect your favorite electronic devices such as blue-ray players and gaming consoles. Get the latest FPR 3D technology and two comfortable polarized glasses and be ready to experience the magic of 3D. Plus this monitor converts easily converts pictures, videos, and games from 2D to 3D. AOC customers constantly look forward to the innovative display monitors that the ground-breaking company is coming out with. "AOC specializes is just one industry. Unlike our competitors who sell everything from cameras to washing machines, AOC focuses its manufacturing to produce user- friendly, technologically advances monitor, TVs and multi-functional displays," said Velez. monitor (model F2251Fwu) offers an impressive 1920x1080 resolution perfect for business, gaming and entertainment. Power your monitor through a simple USB connection and break free from the shackles of power and video cables. Need a smaller monitor? AOC's 16-inch USB monitor (model e1649Fwu) functions the same way, and combines productivity and portability into one. The elegant lightweight monitor is ideal to take to anywhere with you. This monitor is made This June, AOC released its latest innovation, the AirePlay (model e2343Fi), the ultimate monitor for iPhone and iPod owners. Simply place your device on the docking station and get immediate video, audio and photo playback from iDevices through AOC's plug-and-play technology. The AirePlay allows you to play, watch and listen on the big screen. Compatible with PC and gaming consoles, ready to plug and play your iPod/iPhone, and with built-in speakers, this monitor is ready to bring multimedia functionality to your home. So whatever your needs, AOC will have the high value, dependable display monitor for you. Visit for additional information. 95 MacDirectory

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