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CLOSER LOOK WAVECRADLE >FITTING A NEED YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES There are many gadgets that will enhance the sound coming out of your iPhone, however, there are only a few that will do it without any electricity. Joel Nichols, the founder of the WaveCradle, is an iPhone enthusiast who with a little help from his design team, developed this ingenious product. "Sometimes you find a product that fits a need you didn't even know you had, and that's exactly what the WaveCradle has done for me. After many months of sitting face up on my desk, my iPhone 4 now has its own pedestal in the corner, allowing me to see new messages, notifications or who is calling at a glance," said Nichols. The iPhone's speaker suffers greatly when it is facing upward, and sometimes using an external speaker for sound enhancement is not an option. The WaveCradle pushes your phone's speakers to their maximum potential without any electricity and without having to connect any cables. The WaveCradle's unique design allows for sound to travel and transition 90 degrees from the original direction, resulting in an 8-decibel sharper sound level. "Although I'm not in the position to verify the decibel gain, my ears don't lie when it comes to hearing a considerable difference in clarity and resonance, with the iPhone producing a much fuller sound than when it's being held upright or just sitting on the table," said Nichols. The WaveCradle is also a sturdy stand on which your phone can sit for countless hours, and it is very affordable. In addition, its design goes hand-by-hand with the slick design of the iPhone. So let it be sitting on your nightstand, or your desk, now the sound will go directly to your ears, and not anywhere else. This is one accessory that you need to add to your collection. The WaveCradle is made from strong lightweight aluminum with a black hard coat finish, and it is totally weightless. Plus, it is one solid shape, so think of it like a "cradle" for your phone. But what is so special about the design that makes it such a cool product? Right under the sleek angled panel is where the mystery gets solved. The panel curves outward in order to amplify the sound from the iPhone's speakers, which are facing downward. And that is how sound is projected to your ears. This is a great solution for when you do not want to attach cables to your phone. It is mobile. Use it in your bedroom, office and even the outdoors. Plus, its solid build prevents it from tipping, and the unique angle allows you to use the screen without having to pick up with the phone. "This was almost as beneficial to me as the improvement in audio performance," said Nichols. Now you can hear your favorite music, with a much sharper sound. Notice the difference when you listen to podcasts, or catch up on that TV show you missed last week. There is definitely a difference when you place your phone on the WaveCradle, and although all sound sounds better, "it is vocals that had the most noticeable gains, losing that slight 'distance' created by the speakers firing towards the ground," according to the WaveCradle team. Integrate the WaveCradle in your everyday life. You have various colors to choose from such as pink, blue and black. There are two different styles available. Get the WaveCradle Classic or the Low Profile with an additional 5 degrees for easy navigation. Visit to get one today. 94 MacDirectory

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