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CLOSER LOOK SCOSCHE >AN ENDLESS ARRAY OF INNOVATIONS WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Scosche Industries brings you the latest innovations for your portable devices. In addition, this award-winning company is an innovator of car audio installation hardware. At Scosche, they are committed to offering you top- quality products and superb customer service, coming up with new products that are handy in your day-to-day activities. Scosche is the parent company of several brands including: — BlueFusion, which offers you an innovative line of factory Bluetooth car kits — Real Audio, a premier line of audiophile grade loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and reference grade headphones — EFX, the high-end collection of after- market car audio products and accessories — Health + Fitness, a line of consumer technology products and accessories developed for an active lifestyle — e2, a value engineered line of power wire, speaker wire, amp kits and other installation accessories — HD, a collection of loudspeakers, subwoofers and amplifiers designed to maximize the car audio experience Founded in 1980, Scosche is still family- owned, developing ingenious designs and products that push your portable devices to their limits. See the things your iPad, iPod, iPhone, and MacBook Pro can do. Now your devices will last longer, look better, and sound sharper. Need a keyboard for you iPad? The freeKEY is a flexible and water-resistant keyboard that you can connect to almost any portable device through Bluetooth. Now, get complete functionally on-the-go. With a battery that lasts up to 60 hours, this wireless keyboard allows you to do all the typing you need from anywhere. Bring your freeKEY camping, to the beach, on the train, and start typing as if you were in the comfort of your home. Suddenly, typing on your cell phone became much easier. This device is compatible with the iPhone, iPad or almost any Bluetooth supported device. Are you ready to start working out this summer? The fitRAIL allows you to view and operate your iPad while you work out. Now you can watch movies, read, or even play games while you hit the treadmill. This is a secure accessory that mounts on most workout equipments such as exercise bikes and elliptical machines. It is very light, and easy to carry around. Tired of having your portable device lose battery life when you need it the most? The switchBACK surge g4 will keep your iPhone 4S or 4 fully charged with its internal lithium-ion battery which offers up to 80 percent charge on a dead phone. In addition, you can charge and sync your iPhone while in use. Plus, this external battery also serves as a protective kickstand case for your phone. You will not even notice it is there, and your iPhone will always be ready to use. And if you do not own an iPhone, try the solBAT II, a solar charger that will power your device conveniently through a USB port. The solBATT II will charge your portable device in a convenient and environmentally friendly way. Plus, leave it charging on any window. Just attach the solBATT II to its windshield cradle mount. Need better speakers? The bassDOCK will turn your iPad into a complete entertainment system. Place your iPad on the dock, on their horizontal or vertical direction, and watch movies and listen to music with this magnificent 2.1 sound system, 1.6" dual speakers, and a powerful 3"subwoofer that produces a rich bass. Scosche has a wide range of useful and innovative products, including the reVOLT h2 that allows you to charge two devices at once. Plug the reVOLT h2 to the wall, and start charging two portable devices through the USB ports. Visit and find all the accessories you were looking for electronic devices. 92 MacDirectory

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