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CLOSER LOOK BODYDOCK >THEIR ARMOR PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Your phone deserves protection, and Bodydock Cellular Armor is here to protect it from those violent drops that are part of your everyday life. Bodydock founder Art Rojas, in collaboration with the inventive CatiaTM engineering team, and his partners created the perfect armor for your phone. "As a past user of the iPhone3 cellphones and more recently the iPhone 4 and 4S smartphone, I can appreciate the costly investment individuals make for these highly technical and capable communication devices that make our business and personal lives more efficient and entertaining. Bodydock is the "light ARMOR with perks," said Rojas. There are a variety of cases available for any smartphone. Nevertheless, these sometimes cheap cases, although come in many colors, they only have one function. Bodydock not only offers consumers an attractively designed case, but it is also loaded with features that are appreciated by smartphone users. This case will improve the usability of your phone. "The Bodydock Cellphone Armor emerged with a sturdy design, is built especially to protect the iPhone when it is accidentally dropped," said Rojas. Bodydock aims to keep coming out with products that leave you in awe. "Our next goal is to design and offer new BODYDOCKT® products and accessories for all versions of the present iPhone 4 and 4S as well future Apple iPhone new smartphones," says the Bodydock team. bedroom, and in the office or in your car. Now you can have your hands-free with the cool over-the-neck lanyard. There are currently two versions of the system are now being offered: the introductory Bronze Edition and the complete Silver Edition. The Bodydock Sweet Spot Bronze Edition allows you to experience the Magnetic Docking System at an introductory level. Get the Rhino Shield, the screen protective appliqué in a variety of colors, a fabric Sweet Spot Docking Magnet, an all around Sweet Spot Docking Magnets and a cleaning cloth. Get the product that matches your personality and your needs. Bodydock recently launched the Bronze and Silver Edition System in convenient, retail-friendly packaging along with New Sweet Spot Charging Dock for auto and home use. Get the ultimate protection provided by Rhino Shield—three layers of advance shock absorbing force. This is more than just a case. It comes with a mirror for one last-minute check, a kickstand that you can flip and now you can watch a movie stable. Now you can communicate with Skype or FaceTime or simply read a book in both portrait and landscape position. In addition, thanks to the unprecedented Magnetic Docking system, now you can find the best place where your iPhone can rest or charge. You can dock it anywhere. To your clothes, tote and sport bags, around your home in the kitchen or The Bodydock Sweet Spot Silver Edition allows you to experience the entire magnetic docking system. In addition to receiving all that comes with the Bronze edition, receive a reel security tether with quick release clip, a lanyard security tether also with quick release clips, and six all around sweet spot docking magnets. The Bodydock Sweet Spot Auto and Home Charging Dock make charging your iPhone simple. The ergonomic design lends itself to position the Charging Dock most anywhere there is accessible power. It mounts to your vehicle's dashboard in seconds, or leave it on the kitchen counter. No more fighting connecting cables, just dock and secure to magnet Sweet Spot that is incased in the back part of the docking module. Plus it has a phosphorescent base that allows you to find the Sweet Spot with your iPhone even in the dark. Visit for more information. 90 MacDirectory

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