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CLOSER LOOK IHOME >SETTING THE SOUND STANDARDS WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN Anyone who has been around a while (and who hasn't) has seen the tremendous changes that have taken place both in the way we listen to and the way we share our music. From clunky boom boxes, to Walkmans to portable CD players, to iPods our ability to access our musical taste as well as communicate it to others has had and continues to have an amazing evolution. Yet no matter how many different ways we choose to listen and share, iHome Audio has (and has always had) it under control, producing smart, edgy, products that look great while enhancing their customer's listening experience. Even more amazing than iHome Audio's actual products is its almost uncanny ability to stay ahead of the technology curve. MacDi rectoryrecently spoke with Ezra S. Ashkenazi, CEO of iHome Audio and he explained it to us this way. "The iHome team is a talented group that has an exceptional knowledge of the industry and has great foresight for what changes lay ahead. Rather than wait for the change to happen, we're constantly designing and developing new products that will deliver solutions for future consumers. As a result, we've been able to not only thrive in a constantly changing marketplace, but achieve leadership status." Ashkenazi cited iHome's original docking billed as creating "the most customized bedside experience ever." alarm clock; "which was the very first iPod docking alarm clock to hit the market and created an entirely new category." Along with an amazing design team, Ashkenazi also credits Apple and Apple users with providing his designers with much of their inspiration, noting that "Apple is a tremendous company and partner whose products and services have revolutionized how technology impacts our daily life. Their designs and technology open up many doors for expanding the usage model and customizing the experience for each individual. And that's what we love to do, provide additional audio and charging solutions that help users get the most out of their favorite devices." There are a lot of companies that provide in home audio solutions, but it is iHome's ability to understand how consumers use their products, and then design to those uses, that not only sets them apart, but often earns them a lifelong loyalty. For instance, there's the cutting-edge technology that makes up AirPlay, which gives users a truly wireless experience. Then there is iHome's Sleep app, which is As for what's new, there is the expansion of iHome Audio's popular AirPlay line, which will double in size with the release of the iW3; a wireless stereo speaker system with a built-in rechargeable battery. The iW4, meanwhile, is iHome's first alarm clock that features AirPlay technology. Also coming is what Ashkenazi describes as a "significant" expansion of its Bluetooth product line, "including our new iDM9 rechargeable cup holder unit and our iDM11 portable rechargeable speakerphone." And as always, "All units expand the whole home audio experience with new designs and smart solutions for every day users." Too impatient to wait for the new stuff? No problem, because recently iHome Audio has introduced its new iP4 boom box line. The box combines an old school look with the latest in modern technology and has been seen on the arm of numerous celebrities, including Jay-Z. Then there is the iP76 color changing tower speaker, which, according to Ashkenazi, "is a feast for the ears and eyes." Found worldwide in 60 countries at virtually every top retailer, or on its corporate web site at , iHome Audio is a true classic. So if you're serious about your music, take some time to visit iHome Audio. 86 MacDirectory

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