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CLOSER LOOK ELAGO > VARIETY AND QUALITY ARE THE SPICE OF LIFE WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN If you were walking down the street carrying a hot, exciting designer iPhone case, you probably wouldn't be at all surprised if a passerby (or several passersby) asked you where you got it. When you told them, however, that it was actually made by a company that got its start specializing in industrial and packing design you might get more than a few raised eyebrows. Welcome to Elago , the edgy, dynamic manufacturer of iPhone and iPad accessories, earphones, film, and card readers, that actually did get its start specializing in industrial and packing design and consulting. Of course that was about 10 years and loads and loads of products ago. Nowadays Elago is more well- known for its high-quality designs and wide variety of visual options. Did you know, for instance, that its S4 Glide for iPhone 4 is not only compatible with iPhone 4/4S black and white iPhone, but comes in more than 100 different color combinations? Or as Elago's Michael Limm put it, "You can match outfits, whatever you want." Speaking of Elago's Limm, he is very proud of his company, telling MacDi rectoryabout how "Elago has moved from nothing to where it is now." He attributed the company's success to several things; the first being its emphasis on putting out a quality product that lasts. This is so important in fact that Limm reiterated several times that Elago's concept for sales is and always has been "quality not quantity." Limm also attributes Elago's success to the originality of its product concepts. Of course, he admits, it did have more than a little inspiration when it came to product design. Limm told MacDirectory that much of the impetus behind Elago's vision comes from Apple founder Steve Jobs, noting, "When Apple came out with their first MP3 products and their MacBooks with their solid aluminum covers they really pushed their human design and we loved that. (Elago is) also trying to reflect the superior designs that Steve Jobs was trying to reflect." The emphasis on human design Limm describes is apparent in Elago's new E-6M earphone line, which is available (of course) in a variety of colors and is compatible with all phones having a 3.5mm connection. The earphones are designed to fit comfortably while looking great, and there is also a remote mic option that allows users to access a variety of functions (voice command, skip, fast forward) with just one click. Then there are Elago's many different types of protective iPhone films. One of Limm's favorites is the privacy filter film, which keeps people from seeing your phone screen. Along with the privacy option, Elago also offers several types of smudge and fingerprint free films to choose from. For MacBook 13, 15, and 17, there is Germ Guard, which protects your keyboard from crumbs and dust and is washable with soap and water. Elago's all-in-one card reader, meanwhile, allows you to transfer pictures and music at high speeds. As for what's new, Limm told us that the company is currently working on a new line of cases for the new iPhone. But it isn't only in the product area that Elago stands out. It has 24-hour customer service (and yes, you will actually talk to a person), and maintains an active presence not just on the website, but on Facebook as well. The company is also diligent about checking product reviews on Amazon and other reseller sites. The reason for all of this is simple, says Limm, "The purpose of our company is that we are trying to make the best product for our customer." So if you're looking for great iPhone and iPad accessories that are also stylish, durable, and edgy, give Elago a look. 83 MacDirectory

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