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FEATURE ·················--{to}··················· ······0 @ HOW THE TECH GIANT STACKS UP AGAINST AMERICA'S FAVORITE FRUIT I I There are over 7,500 varieties of apples. \ \ ' ofap~ess~d are fresh. 72% are sold as juice. are sold as sauce . Apples vs. Apples Cultivated by farmers in Mesopotamia around Before this, apples were sour seedy, and inedible. ' Built by Steve Wozniak in Before this, computers were ugly, dunky,andunusable. .. ··· There have been nearly 400 varieties of Apple. 43% of Apples sold areiPhones. totaling ~"''d. ., ••••••• '18.00otons IVete OfAppl bil/ian. I ··· ... areiMacs& Mac Pros. areMacbook Pros&Airs. .. / 70 MacDirectory \ ' ' I ...... _ """ .... / /

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