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BOOK REVIEWS RESONATE MULTI-TOUCH BOOK REVIEW BY RIC GETTER No matter how good a title is, it's normally bad form to review the same book twice. And Nancy Duarte's Resonatewas indeed one of the best to appear in these pages. However, this spring, it was rereleased in a new, brilliantly enhanced form that takes advantage of many of the iOS i Books multimedia and multi- touch talents and breaks a good deal of new ground in digital publishing. Resonate is, in essence, a book that reveals the secrets behind powerful presentations. Just think of the difference between your last suit- and-tie marketing meeting and a Steve Jobs keynote. Yes, there is a path from the typical PowerPoint yawner to something that will engage, move and possibly transform the lives of an audience (as did Martin Luther King with his "I Have a Dream" speech). Resonateis a series of powerful lessons in the strategy behind your pitch, whatever it may be. It teaches you how to be a storyteller rather than a lecturer. She shows how the dramatic arc of a trade show keynote can be every bit as critical as that of a Hollywood movie. Best of all, her forte is guiding the reader in thinking, planning and design of an approach to achieve these goals, not just simply stating them. Though one of the best books on the subject, the print version of Resonatesometimes strained the boundaries of the printed page. For example, the book often used sparklines, an info-graphic tool pioneered by Edward Tufte, to illustrate the dynamics of a famously powerful speech or lecture. These helped get her ideas across, but were sometimes a bit difficult to follow. Placed on a multi-touch device, you can slide through the graphic with details popping out at you as you move along. The eBook Resonatehas the linear flow of the text, but with additional layers of information behind them—sometimes expansions, sometimes digressions. What is most fascinating about the Resonate Multi-Touch Bookis that it is a pioneering effort that shows some of the true potential of this new medium. It would have been wonderful if she were able to get the clearances to use more of the media she uses as examples, but we know that some lawyers are going to get very rich before this aspect of digital publishing gets untangled. For new readers looking to make the most of your time in front of an audience of clients, coworkers or students, the Resonate Mul Even if you're a fan of her work, the multi-touch experience will give you an entirely new perspective. Resonate Multi-Touch Bookby Nancy Duarte; $17.99 (via Apple iBookstore), Duarte Press, LLC ( 2012; 248 pages (1.2 GB), for iPad with iBooks 2 ti-Touch Bookwill change your approach forever.

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