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FEATURE REVIEW components or apply jQuery visual themes, conveniently previewing how they look in Live View. The possible down side to this is that you're attaching the entire JavaScript library to the page. The .js file has been optimized as much as possible (it's not very pretty to look at), but it does add up to about 250KB, something that may not be handled very gracefully outside the iOS world. Getting Animated Gone are the days when web page animation was synonymous with Fl ash. HTML5 and CSS3 can do nearly all the same work with a lot less overhead. We found one of Dreamweaver's coolest new features is the ability to create very sophisticated transitions and animated effects as easily as it is to create any other CSS style. A friendly dialog takes you through the options for each of an object's seven possible states and lets you set the timing, color and fluidity of the effect. All of this leads one to wonder, is the code it creates any good? So, this would be a good time to mention that Dreamweaver CS6 now can validate code directly through the W3C database, virtually guaranteeing an unbiased evaluation. As always, Dreamweaver can test the page for browser compatibility or you can go up into Adobe's online Browser Labto preview how badly I nternet Explorerbreaks your page. Down to Business Another casualty of CS6 is Adobe's Contri bute. You can define a site to be Contribute-compatible, but you and your users will need to hang on to your older versions of Contribute if you want to continue working with this legacy content management tool. Adobe is nudging users towards its Busi be confused with Fl ash Catalyst, also purged from CS6). Business Catalyst moves management, collaboration and even hosting to Adobe's online services. Creati ve Cloudsubscriptions include hosting for up to five separate domains. Adobe's reasoning for this probably lays in the growing popularity of open source content management systems like WordPress, Drupaland Jooml a. Business Catalyst counts on adding value by including features like analytics, tracking, simple form building, secure storefronts and built-in hosting plans. Like Contribute, Catalyst sites can be built and maintained in Dreamweaver, with users given the ability to edit selected sections of site content and access to site databases. Users can also employ Adobe's Musecloud-based service to safely and simply add more creative enhancements. Muse has the look and feel of I expectations. The program offers a number of new faces, but a few of the old, familiar ones have made their last curtain call. Dreamweaver CS6 remains a powerful and flexible web development platform that raises the curtain on any number of new opportunities and remains worthy of an enthusiastic round of applause. Product > Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Made by > Adobe Systems ( Price > nDesignbut builds web pages. Unfortunately at this point, there does not appear to be a direct migration route from Contribute, especially for users who want or need to host their own site. ness Catalystservice (not to Summing up, there's no question that Dreamweaver CS6 is a substantial and worthwhile update. Its boosted performance, especially for Mac users, offers a generous number of useful features, fulfilling the many promises of the CS5.5 release last year, and opens up a host of new opportunities for web developers. Fluid page layout is a brilliant concept, but at this stage, may not live up to everyone's $399 (full version); Upgrades start at $125 System requirements > Multicore Intel CPU, MacOS 10.6 or 10.7, Java 1.6 Pros > Improved Mac performance; Improved tools for multi-platform development; Excellent HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery mobile integration and management; Application window option Cons > Fluid grid design feature can be difficult to manage; Not all users will be happy with what is being moved to the Cloud Rating > 101 MacDirectory

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