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Fall-Winter 2011

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CLOSER LOOK FREEWAY FROM SOFTPRESS > GET YOUR WEBPAGE THERE FASTER WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN The last time I visited with Softpress it was 2006 and the company had just won the award for its Freeway Pro and Freeway Express software. At that time, we talked about how the company had come a long way since its origins in 1993, when the Internet was still unheard of and Softpress's main focus was on the printing industry. As the Internet emerged, Softpress switched its focus and began working on software that would enable businesses to better advertise its products and services online. This ability to be flexible and adapt to a rapidly evolving technological marketplace continues today. In addition to adding both a Facebook page and a Twitter handle <@softpress>, Softpress has continued to build on its already great relationship with Apple. Joe Billings, managing director of Softpress, told MacDirectory that, "Apple's ambition to constantly create and innovate…is hugely aspirational for us as developers and encourages us to push the boundaries of what we do, too." He spoke excitedly about services like iCloud, which he is convinced "will change the way people with multiple machines and devices work." He also lauded the Apple App Store for giving "smaller, independent companies like us a new way to be seen by Apple's ever growing user base." As for the Mac itself, he is a huge fan, noting, "What's not to like about Macs? They're easy-to-use, intuitive, powerful and they look great too!" Meanwhile, the company recently updated its award-winning Freeway software with something called Showcase. As Billings Another thing Actions does is give Softpress ideas for new software features. Billings stressed to MacDirectory that the company always has its ear to the ground when it comes to their customers, offering free e-mail support as well as an active online community . The company is also in the process of organizing some "field trips" to do user testing. Per Billings, "The best way to find out how your products are being used is to get out there and spend time with real people working on real problems." explained it, "Showcase (is) for creating galleries and slideshows, and…was a big step for us. We have a lot of photographers and artists using Freeway and being able to show off their images in an elegant way is really important to them." Then there is Freeway Shop, which has been a part of Freeway since version 4. Freeway Shop can be used to set up an online store "in minutes, (since) like all our features, it doesn't require any coding." Best of all, the cart used with Freeway Shop (Mal's e-commerce, ), is completely free. Newer versions of Freeway Pro meanwhile, have added Actions, which is a powerful plug-in technology that allows users to add new functionality to the software. Some of the items Actions offers include animated sliders and carousels, full-screen slideshows, YouTube videos, web fonts, color palettes, news tickers and much more. Still not convinced? Check out the website at and grab a free trial of the company's Freeway Software. Billings is convinced that once you've experienced Freeway you'll be hooked. "Anyone can use Freeway. We have two versions available, Express and Pro. Express is a great way to get started creating fantastic websites. For more features and greater control over your sites, Freeway Pro (is) the best option." And if you start out with Express (as many beginners do) and then find out that you need something a little more powerful, never fear. Per Billings, upgrading from Express to Pro is "simple…and cost- effective." As for what's new, the Softpress team is currently working on some "killer templates" which will be available soon as extras for Freeway 5.5. Freeway 6, meanwhile, will use the latest standards and practices in the sites it creates. So whether you're looking to design a professional webpage, or just want to map out something fun and creative for your personal page, test out Freeway. It's simple, it's easy, and your Mac will love it. 86 MacDirectory M a W a r i c d D i r e c t o r y

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