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Fall-Winter 2011

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CLOSER LOOK FOR SMART IACCESSORIES, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE IHOME WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN There are a lot of iPod and iPad accessories on the market nowadays, the style and quality of which can vary considerably. Yet the best accessory companies are the ones that are able to distinguish themselves by offering items that are high-quality, high-style, user friendly, and truly offer customers that extra something special. And that is exactly where iHome comes in. With more than 50 years of audio experience (through their parent company SDI Technologies) as well as over 60 iPad and iPod accessories in its catalog, iHome lets you do everything from improve your iPod's sound quality to put together your own in home wireless studio. iHome, a division of SDI Technologies, and was started in 2005. Its first product was the iH5 clock radio and speaker system for iPod, and, according to iHome President and CEO Ezra S. Ashkenazi, "(it) was an unqualified success that became the top- selling iPod accessory for the year, and firmly established iHome as the premier brand in the iPod electronics market." From there iHome's trajectory has continued upward, as it remains at the forefront of accessory design, with a growing stable of award-winning iPod, iPhone, and iPad-compatible audio products; including portable and home speaker systems, alarm clocks, clock radios, headphones, earbuds, and charging stations among others. Yet it is not only the style and high-quality craftsmanship of iHome's products that makes them customer favorites. Said Ashkenazi, "Our design team does a wonderful job of understanding how consumers will ultimately use our products and then incorporates a variety of innovative and intuitive features to make the overall experience a pleasure." As an example, he cited the iW1, which uses an "(integration of) the cutting-edge technology of AirPlay to create a truly wireless experience" which allows users to have music anywhere they have wireless audio streaming technology. The iW1 even allows local audio playback via USB via the USB sync cable that comes standard with new iPhones and iPods. Then there are iHome's application enhanced products that interact with the company's free iHome+Sleep app "to create the most customized bedside experience ever." It is "the results that come from our vision and design acumen…innovative features and price points that are competitive," Ashkenazi stressed, that not only appeal to new customers, but keep iHome's regular customers coming back again and again. And speaking of customers, iHome cherishes theirs, regularly communicating with them in a variety of ways including their website , Facebook (, and Twitter (@iHome). Notes Ashkenazi: "This (interaction) offers us a great opportunity to hear fresh perspectives and then incorporate that feedback into the design process or use it to spark additional ideas." As for Apple and Apple products, Ashkenazi had nothing but praise, calling the company "a global company and partner whose products and services have revolutionized how technology impacts our daily life." And speaking of Apple products, iHome has exciting new offerings coming up that will utilize Apple's technology. For instance, the company has some additional wireless audio products appearing in 2012 that will feature Apple's AirPlay technology, "as well as state-of-the- art, app-enhanced speaker systems and innovative headphone options from our fitness evolved New Balance line." Beyond that, iHome intends to continue delivering unique, high-quality products to all of its customers, both new and old, and will "continue striving to produce innovative products whose design and functionality mirrors today's diverse lifestyle needs." So if you're looking for a hot new iPhone, iPad, or iPod accessory; or just want to check out the amazing innovation of iHome products, visit their website. And if you're already a customer, check out their newly redesigned website to see what's new and leave a comment about the products you already are using. Visit for more information. 83 MacDirectory

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