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Fall-Winter 2011

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BOOK REVIEWS IPAD IN THE ENTERPRISE BOOK REVIEW BY RIC GETTER The iPad did not come in the door the way IT managers prefer (via the loading dock). Employees brought them from home, either asking for connectivity or simply finding it on their own. They began proliferating at a most uncomfortable rate— perhaps faster than any technological innovation to date. most definitive book on the topic to date, Some forward-looking companies quickly recognized the potential benefits and fast-tracked the adoption of the world's best selling tablet into their shops. A good number of Fortune 500 companies turned to Nathan Clevenger, a consultant and developer with a dozen years of experience in enterprise mobile applications analysis, design and integration. Now he's compiled the . It's not only the result of his work and observations, but energetic research and investigation that yielded invaluable insight by some of the nascent industry's most successful leaders and analysts. As a long time industry insider, Clevenger had access to the best. Up to now, many books on this fast- moving subject have been valuable but limited snapshots of a rapidly changing landscape. The early chapters of take the time to provide a most comprehensive management-level overview through a combination of superb research and well-reasoned opinion and observation. Though bound between two covers, can be seen as three books, each appealing to a distinct audience. The early chapters will be of most interest to the top-level CTOs and CIOs, offering a reassuring framework for those who may feel like they were blindsided by the invasion of this piece of "consumer technology" into their shops. It offers a strategic outline of the power this tool has for both their customers and their workforce. At a more tactical level, the next section of the book offers an overview of the existing enterprise application environment, offering some insight into the kind of tools currently available. These range from those with broad appeal like FileMakerGo to examples of highly vertical apps that you would be unlikely to come across in the App Store. The last section of the book gets down to the nitty-gritty aspects of custom app design, development and deployment. In this section, we learn about tools that offer far more options for in-house developers than Apple's Xcode and design processes that mold themselves into an efficient IT team's approach. As it makes its way into the enterprise, the iPad is proving itself to be a real game-changer in terms of both the speed of its adoption, its versatility and its potential. Nathan Clevenger's is the best book we've seen so far to put you on top of that game. by Nathan Clevenger; $44.99, Wiley ( 2011; 374 pages, ISBN: 478-1-118-02235-1 i P a d i n t h e E n t e r p r i s e ia P d i n t h e E n t e r p r i s e ia P d i n t h e E n t e r p r i s e ia P d n d i n i P a i t h e E n e n t t e p t r h p e r r E i s e r i s e

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