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Fall-Winter 2011

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FEA TURE 1. Who hand-built the Apple I personal computer kit in 1976? a. Steve Jobs b. Bill Gates c. Steve Wozniak d. Ronald Wayne 2.When did Apple introduce the Apple Store, which was tied to a build-to-order manufacturing strategy? a. 1989 b. 1997 c. 2001 d. 2005 3.What sports apparel giant does Apple partner with for the iPod Sports Kit for runners? a. Adidas b. Nike c. New Balance d. Under Armour 4.Who said the following quote, in The Guardian, in 1997: "People talk about technology, but Apple was a marketing company." a. Steve Wozniak b. Carly Fiorina c. Steve Jobs d. John Sculley 5.What was Apple's first slogan, in the 1970s? a. Byte Into an Apple b. Think Different c. Get a Mac d. The Power to Be Your Best 6.Whose song "1234" did Apple popularize in a 2007 advertisement? a. Lady Gaga b. Katy Perry c. Feist d. Suzanne Vega C — 6 , A – 5 , D – 4 , B – 3 , B – 2 , C – 1 :SREWSNA MacDirectory 111

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